Overture / Take That Look Off Your Face

Bernadette Peters

I can't quite believe it, I'm actually here
The one place on Earth I want to be
New York is just short of perfection they say
The one thing it lacks is me

It's all so amazing, the size and the noise
Why, it's still alive at five A.M
And that drive in the eyes of New York girls, oo
I'd like to be one of them

Take that look off your face
What's the joke, if you please?
Oh, I knew what you'd say
English girls come by plane loads each day
And you fear that I'll lose myself like so many do
Well, I've got news for you:
I'm frightened too

I'm glad to have you, Viv, a friend over here
Who's had a whole year to learn the ropes
This guy that I'm with, this drummer from Queens
He's crazy, but I have hopes

Take that look off your face
Oh, I knew how you'd be
You think I'm the same girl
Who lets men take advantage of me, here's one more
And he's possibly using me, it's true
Still, I'm here in New York;
Who's using who?!

Take that look off your face!
Don't go off in a tizz
I am here to have fun
Finding out what America is
Can't you see I'm no longer the mess I used to be
You're my best friend and yet
You don't know me

So get used to me here
I am gonna work hard
Get my card, have a brilliant career
Stay in love, and outshine any New York girl you'd see
If you think that I won't
You don't know me!

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