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"Shine On"

(Verse 1)

Yo, my dear heavenly father
Forgive me for I've sinned in this thing that I harbour
In the past i did things but i only thought after
It was my fault but you know say its hard star
Up late all night, after and answer
But didn't get nadda, so maybe its karma that's he my life and drama
After the light, but it seems like a mark star
Maybe i was meant to be a martyr
Sacrifice my life for the cause but that's more wars after
Prompting the wars and all forms of disaster
But the world mourns enough
Look what happened to my cousin +Glevin+ that story's f*cked
Now the cancer early twenty sh*t tore me up
So now I'm repping hard cause its all gotta pop
Its all that I've got... its all on top

Tomorrow's a brighter day, you know were gonna shine on, shine on
Can't leave it to fate today, you know ya gotta stay strong, shine on

(Verse 2)

Yo, tell them
Strap on your armour, its thousand and fate straight back to the saga
Back against the wall now I gotta work harder
Can't go berserk it won't work, I'm a father
So I nurture my seeds like a farmer, so they can see a future that's brighter
Than the sun rise and the sahara
No bargain, no barter, if not sayonara
Lightning and thunder, earthquake and lava
Black clouds, hail stone, fire for the reformer
Cause there's a thin line between a liar and a charmer
Lion and a tamer, slave and a master
Break from the chain but can't escape from the pastor
So we keep running while the feds chase faster
Until my legs collapse in the next life after

(Chorus) x 3

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