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(Verse 1)
I self cater, radiate like alpha-beta
Batter the caper, detonate the paper
Separate my nature, maybe we can link up later
And laugh over latter, what, look to the future
Remote viewer, merciless, you get puller, herb puller
Who spread word and break ?
There's no escape, the city grips like Geoff Capes
My mind state, is desecrated land scape
I cry till it aches, and the crazy evaporate
In university, we don't graduate
We just regurgitate hate, but I'm just like you mate
Waking up with a screw face
Everyday's a new case to solve, my life unfolds like episodes of Columbo
I hibernate amongst the humble
Meditating on my uncle who did 12 years and didn't crumble
I can't begin to comprehend what they've been through
But spiritually through out the time I was with you, my heart smashed to pieces
The pain went through, splitting me in two halves, man have to laugh or wear two face masks
For too many years passed, I've sat on my ass, tryna replace the place
But that won't last, that won't last, that won't last, so take time as you pass


(Verse 2)
It was the east maze where I spent days on my Jack-n-Jays
Strapping jays while jack raddi*ks raid my uncle's gates
His living bait, pushing heavy weight from his place
They caught him baking cake, parole date, 2008
Oh what a waste, another life lost in the maze
But any ways as we move there's no time for gaze
Like a deeper rays, these are parrow days
Young terror ways blazing shots off like heat waves
Hombres crazed, stay crazed like Frankie Fras'
With a screw-face that favour Freddy Kruger
I self cater, while my crew don't nurture
Its murder, man shotting rock to make an earner
Pussies turn dapper, they can't live in the manor
Its pepper, hot bods and black PC plods
Who gotta watch your spot, for months on the trot
But quick he don't cotch that's why the operation flop
You can't catch what you can't clock
c*ck the klashnekoff shots make you hop scotch, yea so what?
What's gwarning, merciless, on road they're never charming
Like ten ? strapperitas and tailor made garments
I'm starving, dealing with the basis of survival, strapping ? with ? 'til my eyes grow tint
Beanies chat me fore they think, yea they are the weakest link (Goodbye)
While little fassyholes and battyholes give me 'nough stink

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