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"Jah Bless"

[Verse 1]
We live this
Trapped in the belly of the sickness
It's sick and sadistic like six six sixes
It's arithmic I sit with a lit spliff
My heart split into bits over big sis
Just slit her wrists and left a letter on the bed
Begging for forgiveness
That's why I writ this
You chiefs can't get it
But you can quicker then scrib's can say bill it
Overstand [Blud] it's deeper than lyrics
When prayers exchange chains for half of the spirit
Trapped in a maze of masquerades and mimics
It might sound harsh mate
But to me we're living in the last days
The same thing my pops say before he passed way
Now all I got is my youths and my Mar-J
So our Father, who art in heaven
Send me the will and strength of sixty henchmen

[Verse 2]
Cause I'm [?] with words, Draw swords sever the verse
Ever ready with a machete for whatever occurs
I heard heavens on Earth
Then I reckon we're cursed
Destined to burst weapons while repping our turf
To just get left in a hearse
You'll be resting with worms
Or we can converse
Keep it blessing the herbs
[And spreading the word]
I move with an incredible urge to merk anything that's testing my firm
It's better they learn

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