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[Intro: Usmaan]

Yeah, Jehst , the drifter
Kyza (Smirnoff)
Ricochet Klashnekoff
Night time, night breed, night survival
Keep your head low
On the front line trenches, cmon

[Verse 1: Kyza]

Night time vultures hidden in the dark of the shadows
Eyes red, night vision sharper than arrows
Tools in my hand cause I'm parrow
Prang cause I've seen many man get hanged from the gallows
Out there man'll teef the wheels off your barrow
Deep things happen when people think shallow
Jail birds trapped in a cell doing a sparrow
Raggo, enough to put a spark in ya marrow
Street thieves dip in a wallet for tek a man's dough
Plans so nippy you won't see where their hands go
Man toast liquor and drink it over man's ghost
Perching right on top of the lampposts
Tramps hold
Paper bags with a Tennants
Drunk breddas stumbling home totally redders
Foreign beggars
Seek change, heavily preggers
Fellas getting wet up for their Avirex leathers
As I roam in the street
My arms and my shoulders are weak
And pain flows through the soles of my feet
And a place called home isn't sweet
Coppers watch you like Jones on the beat
With cold stares
Full of frozen deceit
I wonder what they hope to achieve
By grabbing me up by coat and my sleeve
People chat my name quoting my speech
My mind flows so when I dream
And I can hear myself moan in my sleep
Cold followers
Showing no tolerance for foreigners
They're lost in the lies
And sick pride of the swastika
Hard cases
Racist scar faces
Filled with dark hatred
Looking for arms
Half my spars blaze
My marge is half sane
My fathers last name
Aas bast*rd Pass blame
To ease my hearts pain
I chant and start praying
To calm the fast flames
That mark the last days

[Verse 2: Jehst]

In the dead pool of deep black sirens
Penetrate the silence
Blinding lights shining
Dilate the iris
Drivers shot hybrids
And clock mileage
Deep in the dawn
Light heavy on the eyelids
Bevy by my side, I write this
Pennies on my mind, I might switch
High like I'm probably psychic
Twisting up quality thai stick
Ital visions of the dominant mind trick
Eyes on the hourglass
Watching the time slip
Poverty strikes quick
The Nike tick
Got everyone in a tight grip
A clenched fist
Tense kids turn henchmen to deathwish
I bleach it
And when my freinds exit my bedsit I buil' a next spliff
Mute News 24 to escape the madness
And wake up travelling on snakes and ladders
Grappling with knaves and blaggers
Bandits with blades and daggers
Taggers, Jack-the-lads getting blazed and bladdered
Same as standard
Vagrants with organ damage
Worn and ragged
Their clothes all torn and tattered
It's the war zone
It's reporters are causing panic
Phone taps crackle with distortion to static
White collar hackers up
Tapping on laptops
Good cops
Bad cops
Bankrupt gang boss
Smashing the padlock on his stash box
Contraband cash crops
And crooks that cook crack rocks
Drunks gather at the back of kebab shops to shot beer
Knock-off brand names
And hot gear

[Verse 3: Klashnekoff]

Who's gonna tell the truth to the youths?
Will it be you?
Will it be me?
Or will you leave it to the schools
To instil twisted rules?
Maybe your confused
Perspective of views
But all I see
Is bare youths killing youths for the love of the loot
It's like Beirut
Mini Berettas and vendettas
Part time dappers
Aya Napa slappers tryin'a catch us
But can't trap us
Little schemers
Attracted to cash and chaps with chapparitas
Sending chaps to come and cap you in your Beemers
Friends turned demons
Trapped behind bars for twelve seasons
While his baby-mother cries freedom
Dreaming of the day she can flee from the region
And begin again like Eden
Escape Babylon and leave behind the demons
Dodgy dealings
Crack fanatics feinin'
Fed's screwing
They're brewing
Can't keep tabs on what I'm doing
Take ten taxi cabs just to keep them off track
Lone wolf on my jacks, roam road like a ridgeback
Shabby chap, I walk aggy with a hunchback
Feeling insecure with my thoughts impure
This city's sick like disease and it can't be cured
Top dogs say the word and have you killed from abroad
I bring fire for you fassies and battyman Barrymore's
No remorse
I ride rythm like a horse
Strike, I attack your source like Delta Force
Many say I'm too coarse
But of course
Life's harsh
Living in a manor with mans with no regards
And no regrets
Top shotters and skets
As times advance past I slowly regress
Exhale stress to get things off my chest
Put my heart into the rhyme for the heads
Nuff said
Nuff dead
Nuff bled
Nuff fled
The few that remained
Their brain's stained with the bloodshed
I play the edge
And stay nippy like 'peds
And blaze ziggy on the regs
Knowing to myself that it's keeping me supressed (So Supressed!)
My dad blazed 'til his lungs were deprived of breath
Yo I walk the same path
Following his footsteps
Trapped in the quest for the physical flesh
I dijest food for thought from the biblical text
Because all Jah Jah bless, may no pus*y test
And Jehst

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