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"Hot Breath"

I can feel every bulb start to dim over my head
It gets tougher to tell what it is
The mouth grows wide and looms over me
It shows it's teeth. I feel its hot breath
The steam makes me restless
I wish it would put me to bed

Tried to watch from my fourth wall
But I can't see if there are three more in it
The back of a tooth in the distance
And that warm pulsing breeze
I must be sitting inside but
I won't let it swallow

I feel my veins start to swell
They flood back
Pumping fire out of me
I see its jaw start to close

Pull out and show it its teeth
I'll breath the stink of its hot breath
I'll become its dream
I'll make it drink from my breast

Opened wide, the tongue reaches up so I can get a soft kiss
I feel my tits start to grow
I fill them with joy and let them overflow

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