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Masta Ace

"Slow Down"

[Verse: 1]

Party animal back at the tele now
Katie and her best friend turn up the celly now
Friend got big boobs, Katie got thick thighs
Put 'em both together and what I nice chick prize
Looking in some sick eyes, light green, I seen
Katie ass busting out the scenes with them tight jeans

(Damn katie, whoa, damn, you lookin'... god, yep)

Alchohol flowing now, bout to get stinkfaced
Katie says, "Here Ace tell me how this drink taste"
Not bad, what's this, sex on the beach yo?
Friend pulls out her boobs, that's what I reach for
Now I'm in the party mood, take a few more swigs
Clothes start coming off, I'm about to score big
Katie start kissin' and feelin' on her girlfriend
That's when the room starts spinnin like a whirlwind
Feeling like I'mma hurl then I fall face down
Not cool dude, I'm nude from the waist down
Look up drooling, I feel like an as*h*le
Katie got my wallet in her hand as my cash flow
Can't move a muscle now, somebody save me
This sh*t crazy, wonder what they gave me


Slow down
Don't think it really can't down
It happens everyday
It's a dirty game, are you sure you wanna play?
Finally got your money up, you sure you wanna pay?

Slow down
Don't think it really can't down
It happens everyday

[Verse: 2]

Wake up at the hospital, guess I just came too
First I see Mr. C, then I see Kane too
Then I see Jay C, Scoob Lover, Scrap, and
All of them looking like "Ace what happened?"
Usually my mind be sharp as a thumb tack
Maybe if I take a minute everything will come back

(I don't even know what... wait)

I know
I was with these two chicks, sippin on a few licks
Everything was humming right along like a new six
Next thing I know I was laying on the floor
And it feel like they hit me in the head with a few bricks
Then the room just really start to spin bad
Then I knew this night was gon' end bad
When they found all the money in my gym bag
That's when I realize that I been had
They took the cash then both of them dashed out
After that, not sure, must've passed out
God damn how stupid could I be
Nurse what's that you putting in my IV?
"Don't worry it's gonna help you rest, dear"
See her lips moving but her voice sounds less clear


The moral of the tale
Don't trust a cute face and a thin waist
Cause they all go to jail
Rappers go on tour, and many gonna score with a whore
That's for sure but there's more gon' fail
Think with your di*ks, then add liquor to the mix
You can end up in the morge on the scale
These girls ruthless, worst then the guys be
Act like they want your puddin' pop, bill cosby
Waiting in the lobby with a little slick plan
Get up to the room and try to make a quick grand
Or maybe six grand if you leave your chains out
Her main thing is to blow your brains out
When you exhausted, laying with your clothes off
She gon' wait till your stupid ass dose off

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