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Masta Ace

"Aiiight Chill..."

[Message 1: Nas]
Yo yo, what up
Yo, yo, yo, Preem, what up, baby pa
Yo it's Nas
Aiiight chill

[Message 2: A.G.]
Yo Premier, what's up
It's your man, A.G., just calling to say what's up, yo
Aiiight chill

[Message 3: Masta Ace]
Yo Premier, yo, what up, yo
This is um, Ace, and sh*t
Yo [?] like in your face
Yo, um, I need some help on this, uh, f*cking, hooking this equipment at the crib
I got some questions and sh*t
You know, eventually, I want to be able to make the disgusting sh*t you be making and f*ck n*ggas' heads [out] with beats, so
Give me a call so I can ask these questions and sh*t and work this, work this sh*t out
Aiiight chill

[Message 4: Big Raw]
Ayo n*gga, what's up?
It's Big Raw from East New York
Yo gimme a beep later
Aiiight chill

[Message 5: David from D&D]
Yo Premo, it's David from D&D Recording
And I know you're probably on your way to the session
I just needed you to confirm some parts for next week
I got someone on the phone who's interested
So I guess I'll see you in a minute
Aiiight chill

[Message 6: Howie]
Yo Premier, man, what's up man? This is Howie, man
Goddamn man, you told me you was gon' give me the tape and sh*t and, uh, that sh*t never came from you
You know I'm all f*cked up in the hospital and sick and sh*t
Yo man, just give me a call and we could make a little something
Aiiight chill

[Message 7: MC Eiht]
Cheah, what up Premier? It's Eiht, baby
Kicking it out here in the hood in Compton, you know what I'm saying?
Good peeping out on that new album
I did see you in the studio, you know what I'm saying, dropping them phat beats
So get back with me on this down and low
Aiiight chill

[Message 8: DJ Scratch]
Yo Premier, yo it's DJ Scratch
Call my crib so we can practice on these skills
Aiiight chill

[Message 9: Big G]
Ayo Premier, this is Big G from the East
Me and Kirk getting it to blow upstairs
Don't you want to hang out, go get a haircut or something, you know what I'm saying?
Yo, give me a call later
Aiiight chill

[Message 10: Infinite]
Peace Premier, this is Infinite
I'm at the crib site, give me a shout out
Aiiight chill

[Message 11: ?]
A yo, Premo, what's up, yo?
Yo, I'm up in the BX, yo
See you ain't in, yo, probably in the studio making some phat beats
So I'll catch you on a later note
Aiiight chill

[Message 12: Mister Cee]
Yo Premier, man, this Mister Cee, Kid
Yo, man, I haven't been able to get with yo, man, you know what I'm saying?
Where the f*ck you been at, man?
Saying, me and Kane done made this power move, I got [?] in a new joint
Listen, you got me to hear that new Gang Starr joint, you know what I'm saying?
Yo, man, I haven't even been seeing you, you've been so busy, man
You've been like, I haven't seen a brother
You know the only way I know that my sh*t is dope is if I play it in your truck, man
You know what I'm saying?
So yo, get with the brother, man
Also, yo, I got it going with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with my man, Jeru, and the Group Home with my man, Lil Dap
Yo, keep that sh*t going on man
Aiiight chill

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