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Masta Ace

"Feel It"

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
I got one life to live a short time to live it
And whatever's left in me I'mma find and give it
See a handful of y'all understand the plight
Of this underground man at the hand of mic
I get a pen in my hand and write
And while the rest of y'all run from the truth
I'mma stand and fight
I got it in sight, gotta get right, gotta get straight
I'm trying to get through there's a lot on my plate
In this ice cold world, better get y'all coats
I'm a husband, a father and a football coach
And If you see me on the sidelines coaching a game
I needed some joy to balance the emotion and pain
If you see me and my daughter, and we out on the town
It's cause she lifts me up, when I'm down with a frown
I'm a family man I ain't trying to conceal it
Being myself's the best way for me to be sure that you feel it

[Hook: Money Harm]
You gon' feel it, and we gon' make it
We gotta keep pushin til we die
I'm telling you can't nobody hold me back
I'm gonna keep coming up the line
I know you can feel it, and you gon' hear it
Because we go hard each and every day
Staying on the grind tryna make a way
Tryna make a way, make a way yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 2: Stricklin]
You might get sick of me complaining and hearing me sob
But it's kinda hard tryna juggle my career and my job
Cause wether it's the M-I-C or an IV
They be calling me Notorious E-M-T
A lot of sleepless nights, cause I'm up while y'all asleep
But movies with the wife, that's when I fall asleep
It's all good though, don't stop my flow
Cause I'm a grinder, If y'all forget let me remind ya

[Verse 3: Wordsworth]
It's more than a miracle you hearing me now
No sympathy from the industry it's wearing me down
Tearing me down rap's my job
But hate when my daughter cries
When I catch a plane to rap for y'all
Can't give me back the weeks I missed
Appreciate all the hands that I shook
And the cheeks I kissed
Felt this all along, if the songs that I write don't reveal it
I know you ain't me, all I ask is that you feel it

[Hook: Money Harm]

[Verse 4: Punchline]
Book of Matthew's the last should be first
Put my life in the verse
I wish I could spend my life in reverse
Day one for all the passion and pain
My upbringing left me with an emotional strain
Wanna change, sh*t on my dreams
Can't stop me haters, I keep my eye on the goal
Like a hockey player
Dog my style greater, major I face problems
Drink away the pain and drain the wine bottle
Criticized for the songs I create
Wanna elevate, but I'm stuck down in this place
Wait, I reside in the lower east
Light skin, crooked teeth
Nice since the young guns like Chris and Neef
Lyrically I'm deep, rhyme tighter I'm here
After the smoke clear like a firefighter
We don't play with it, took a oath to kill it
And whatever we spit, we gon' make y'all FEEL IT!

[Hook: Money Harm] (x3)

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