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Masta Ace

"Fresh Fest"


[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
I just want to be large, large like Whodini
'Cuz fame from my name on a train and graffiti wasn't good enough
Maybe I was bein' greedy, but I thought I could be on TV
Fact is, Mike Jack set it on fire
But I moonwalk with an umbrella six months prior
In my school talent show
White gloves lock ticking
We was in the park, poppin' like hot chicken
I was on the block trynna' get my name known
And be the hottest in the hood like flame, on
Or maybe just the best in my building
Competin' with the rest of the children (who wanna battle)
Let the crowd judge who the winner is
They can be so cold like the winter is
My mama always said -"Have no fear"
And I will rise to the top like a cold beer
So I'mma hearse my lines on the F-train
The boy's famous, why should I have less fame?
The freaks came out at the night and they stayed out
Without a doubt I refuse to get played out
I had a big mouth - would not shut it up
I can prove I'm the best - just set it up
I feel like it's me against John Little
All I gotta do is show the world my skill

[Hook: Reggie B]

Started with a dream, now the world knows my name
Just trynna' be the best, so I'll be on that Fresh Fest
You had to have skills, to get a record deal
You had to be the best, to get on that Fresh Fest

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]

I just wanna hear my song on BLS
Couldn't care less about a brand new CLS
I ain't have my licence anyhow
Fat Boys had a show and made twenty thou- wow
You can get payed like that?
And all I gotta do is spit a tight rap?
I think i gotta few lines on stash
And I can have a rap game on smash
The boys better make room
'Cuz I can formulate a great tune, yep
Peter Piper picked peppers and Run rocked rhymes
I bet I can get known with one hot line
I bet I can get on with one hot song
I just need to be like the one Run rocked on
Or, get like +Flash+ so I can be the best dressed
Yes, yes, so I'll be on that Fresh Fest


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