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Masta Ace

"Reminds Me"

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
This is like a holiday you could celebrate
And if life got you down this'a elevate
Lift your spirits up, make you feel hella great
Put the pedal to the metal and accelerate
This'a put you on the road, on the right path
It's Ace and Ed, you done met up with a tight staff
I could do this in my sleep, this is like math
This is in my blood, I used to write graff'
And I still write with style, I been doing this a while
If I tell you when I started this, you might laugh
And it's been a winding road like a bike path
But I'm still so cold, you a slight draft
Such a bad motherf*cker, kinda like Shaft
Shut your mouth, this is just the first half
And we still got two more quarters
Take our passports across a few more borders
Lets go

[Hook: Ed O.G.]
This remind me of summertime in the park
Late night hip-hop, turn it up in the dark
This remind me of back home, off the road
Good food slow-cooked, big pot on the stove
This remind me of treacherous, fearless
Cold Crush, no rush, take your time, hear this
This remind me of (1), this remind me of (2)
This remind me of (3), this remind me of you

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
What these cats gonna do? We done joined forces
'Bout to flip the whole game like coin tosses
Me and him, he and I, we and us, you trust
We gon' be in they ass like loin cloth is
And them underground fans all gon' support this
First it's sold in the store, then they all bought this
Or they got it off itunes
Got third world nations even open off itunes
This a whale of a track, these are harpoons
I mean these animated rhymes like cartoons
Y'all remind me of sheep when I play it in my Jeep
Y'all put me to sleep like car fumes
Play this on your jukebox in your bar room
Who the best? Who the worst? all this arguin'
Won't matter when the smoke clear
Hip-Hop's not dead yet, there's a little hope here
What I'm saying on the mic sounds so clear
Kneel down now and bow like the Pope here
Got our independence, and we staying free
Hear me, Ed and Ace, yup A&E

[Hook: Ed O.G]

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