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Masta Ace

"Over There"

I see my child standing over there with you

[Intro: Edo G]
Yeah, uh-huh, uh
Yes, uh, uh-huh, yeah
Ohh, uh-huh, yeah, it's Edo G y'all
2010, yo! Uh-huh

[Verse 1: Edo G]
Some of y'all are here cause you know somebody
Some of y'all are here cause you think you somebody
Most of y'all, wanna be somebody
You got more bodies than you really know bodies
I'm so godly, for what I embody
You so spotty, with another reference to Gotti, the shotty or the party
Edo voice fill the room, like Pavarotti
Die Hard, Bruce Willis, so hard to body
Make bread out of wheat and barley
Future flavors like Pete and Marley
Most of y'all ain't eatin' hardly
Been to battle so the beefin' scarred me
Go to war with a lethal army
Disregard me? A wise man, you can't misinform me
Edo G, you should listen for me
I'm what the game been missin' surely
Like good lovin c*mmin' prematurely
I'm right here homie

[Hook: Masta Ace] + (Edo G)
Real beats and real rhymes is over here
Real rap and boom-bap is over here
If you ain't with us
Then you need to go over there...
(Just clap your hands to the beat)
(C'mon and just clap your hands to the beat)
(Everybody, clap your hands to the beat)
(C'mon and just clap your hands to the beat)

[Verse 2: Edo G]
Yo, release catch and shoot, you passion fruit
I do biz under the table, passin' loot
Man eater, Hannibal, animal
Campaign manager like Rahm Emanuel
My flow is so intangible
When I spit, and open up my mandible
Ya hate, understandable
Cause my reach is infinite and expandable
AYY!! (uh-huh)
Write on my phone, I'm bored with ink
The more sh*t you pile on, the more it stink
What I possess and profess can pause your progress
Beef gets addressed, rappers is hard-pressed
Think move like chess
Or get bullets, removed from the flesh of your chest
Some people, are destined for success
But me, I determine my success


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