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Masta Ace

"Away From Love"

Away from love [2x]

[Hook] [4x]
(I'm gon' walk away from love)
Away from love

[Part 1: Signif]
A start as a young girl, we all wanna be loved, love
It's your world!
Feelin' like my world might end without him
Caught up in this world when we're going through changes

He promised to change, "There's no love without pain"
That's what he told me (told me), the problems seem never endin'
From beginning to the end my heart tellin' me to stay
I'm tryin' to walk away but I love him (I love him)

[Part 2: Wordsworth]
Eff him, you shoulda left him
I should have checked him the day that I met him
Disrespect you, but you protect him
He still sex her, and you still sex him

You confusin', hate for love
Now and used to, is and was
We talked today, you said you had an awful day
He thought you stay, I'm glad that you walked away

Walk away, love!

[Hook] [4x]

[Part 3: Masta Ace]
I know you think he's your prince charmin'
But everyday you're in tears and it shouldn't be this common
And I ain't talkin' bout that rapper from Illinois
Can't you see, that your life should be full of joy?

This toxicity is not the sh*t to me
You're all wrapped up and lots a history
But that don't mean that you're forced to stay with him
You should walk away, now you walk away with him?

Come on!

[Part 4: Signif]
I'm comin'! (comin'), heart's beatin' fast and I'm runnin'
Palms all sweaty, tears, steady runnin' (runnin')
Feelin' like I'm stuck in the mud
The Heartbreak-Kid-heart, and it hit like [?]

Two to the chest had me feelin' (feelin')
Y'all ain't depressed, there's no me without him
That's how deep I'm in, now I'm lookin' for the exit (exit)
My heart tellin' me to stay, I'm tryin' to walk away

But I love him (but I love him)

[Hook] [4x]

[Part 5: Stricklin]
Now I'm a hater if I say what I wanna say
And you gon' hate me when I say what I'm gonna say
I'll make him pay for all the games that he gonna play
The hook says "walk", but I think you should run away

You think he loves when he lyin' at night?
You think he hears you when you cryin' at night?
Do you think he really cares when he sees you turnin', run up the stairs?
Cause you ain't really tryin' to fight! Come on, love!

I know you sick of all the argument every day
And how he try to disrespect in errr way
Sent this dude on his Mary way
Get a box of wine and go listen to Mary J

You gotta walk away, baby!

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