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Masta Ace


[Hook: Dion]
It's your sign
It's your sign

[Part 1: Masta Ace]
Zodiac love, and baby this a sign
I'm really tryin' cause you fine baby, this is mine
Half man, half horse, Sagittarius
Take an aim at your heart, I'm just curious

Or we can [?], boo? It doesn't matter, boo!
Intoxicated by your beauty like a had a few
I gave you all my love, every ounce of it
And every line's ginuwine, not a counterfeit

[Part 2: ]
I was born november, I'm a scorpio
Passionate, but my feelings don't often show
I could be a little jealous, see you with some fellas
I don't believe what [?] or others will tell us

Lord, you're determin', I observin'
The same time we flirtin' at the job, workin'
Me and another sign, we can go together
But a scorpio with scorpio is always better


[Bridge 1: Dion] [2x]
We don't [5x]

[Part 3: ]
Whatup, baby!? I'm a Taurus
And I'ma had you all in love by the chorus
My goal is to make your friends adore us
And to have you in a church with your family throwin' rice for us

I know the world says I'm stubborn
That's not true, though, so come and get this lovin'
That's my word and with push come the shovin'
We gon' have lots of fun makin' a bun for that oven, yeah

[Bridge 2: Stricklin (Speech)]
Hey baby! I'm At-Mister-Stricklin-Underscore-EMC
And I'm on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! And right now I'ma lookin' for a Leo!
So if you're one, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved, hop on off [?] and let's get it crackin'! Haha
Yeah, let's go!

[Part 4]
Any time, all year round, when we fly
Don't matter what sign you identify
Shoutout to Aquarius and Gemini
We can listen to OutKast - Aquemini

[Masta Ace]
If you a Cancer, then you need [?]
We're a match, made in heaven, God predicted this
If you a Capricorn, then we can make love
After dawn, sit around, yo, get our laughter on

You a Libra, Ma? Well, let me tip your scale
Nice hips and I'ma kiss you 'til your lips swell
Pisces - my little play to fish
Or my Rakim ish, you are my favourite dish

Helpful and reliable, a Virgos
You need any help? Let Words know!
All we need is some Merlot or Cuervo
Sweet aeries, [?], words flow


[Bridge 1]

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