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Masta Ace


[Part 1: Masta Ace]
Look fan, I really do hope that you understand
I'm not tryin' to hang in the room with you and your man
That is not the plan on any kind of a level
I really hope you dig what I'm sayin', find you a shovel
I know you all excited, the light it how we ignited
But bein' so misguided can really find you in trouble
The after party back at the room, but you not invited
You's a moopie, guilty as charged, you got indicted
Ain't nothin' wrong witchu lovin' the music
You wanna take a picture, it's cool, happy to dooze it
But if you try to offer me weed, I'ma refuse it
Ask what I'm sayin' again, and I'ma lose it
I don't wanna confuse it, this is not fan bashin'
But don't be moopie, please, it's men's asking
What a headache, pass the damn aspirin
Don't be a moopie, fan, this man's askin'

What's a moopie? Stupid, a male groupie
ODin, touchin' and talkin' after the show
Wanna hang and run around with the gang
Askin' all these questions
Yes, the answer is "No!"

[Part 2: Stricklin]
I'm a fan, too, understand what fans do
A difference what a female fan and what a man do
Wasn't there for rehearsal, a song we ran through
Now you wanna stand with us
Like you're part of the band, too
By mistake stuff design, the fans hand you
A few female phone numbers that might land you
Goin' to the after party is in my plans, too
When it's time to leave you wanna ride in the van, too?

[Part 3: Sadat X]
You email me from a farer place
I'm here, I got your stink breath all in my face (Damn!)
I'm not your girl, fan, keep your hands off
I don't know you and I'm not droppin' you in your man's of'
I just didn't show I'm not recordin' at your laugh
Put that glass down, boy! You can't drink off this tab
You say this girl's a whore? Sadat X - I will show you!
When I asked about you, she said she don't even know you!

"Yooooo Masta Ace, Stricklin, Wordsworth, EMC!
Wussup y'all!? Yo, yo, you goin' to the van? I'm going to the van, too!"
"Yo you going to the hotel? I'm going to the hotel, too!"
"Yo, yo, take a picture! Take a picture! Let's take another picture!"

[Part 4: Wordsworth]
Dude! Why you all in my ear?
You're drunk, the music's too loud and I can't hear
Say it, don't spray it, your breath smell like beer
I'm going deaf like Mos Def, and the coast is not clear
You see that beautiful girl, that's right there?
She wants to talk, but she can't, cause you right here!
But if you left, I swear, she just might cheer
Congratulations! You're the biggest j*rk of the year!
Playin' me close like I'm payin' for protection
I never asked you to be all up in my section
Don't get me wrong, I love the fans and affection
Just wish it came from someone who don't get an erection
Fella, here' a bit of advice:
When you see an artist you like, cause he spittin' so nice
Don't be an ass and talk his ear off
Just wait and don't approach to the alcohol - we're off!
You moopie!


"Yup, yup, yup, yup, yo!"
"What you guys doing after the show? Where's the after party?"
"Haha, yo let's have a Cypher, man!"
"Yo, tell me your top five that are alive!"
"Yo you need some drugs, some weed? I can get whatever you need!"
"Yo! The last ten pictures that we took... it didn't come out good man!
Yo, can we take 'em again? This time wit' a flash!"
"Yo you wan' a sip of my beer? Here! It's the best in the country!"
"Yo! I want you to sign my hand. Can you sign my back? I never wash it again."
"Yo! You like that girl right there? I know her. We can all get back to your room and hang out!"
"Wanna meet my sister?"
"Yo, let me ask you a question: How you feel about the game right know?"
"Let me ask you: What does Hiphop mean to you!?"

"Yo! Get these girls outta here, man! You're not real EMC fans!"

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