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Masta Ace

"Spun A Web"

[Part 1: Masta Ace]
I ain't fallin' for the oakey
Ain't no way they gon' never do me
Like they did my n*gga smokey
25 years, did a stretch on a humble
It's all laid out but I'm not gon' strumble
My man on the corner, pocket full o' rocks
Neck fulla bling und the sock fulla nuts
Cops on the block, [?] to secure
You really wanna die, then it's nuthin' but a word
Puffin' on a 'erb, sippin' on a O.E
[?], they really don't know me
So I whisper to my homie, he told me that's the deal
I'm handin' you the steel if you really wanna show me
And I ain't backin' down, like Howard in the pain
I gotta show the world that are cowards, what I ain't
My Mama gon' [?] in the court, what she hears
The judge throw the book, give me 35 years
I'm stuck!

He spun a web
And I ain't gonna let it go to my head
I'ma just do what I said
I'ma keep movin' ahead, yeah

They spun a web
And I don't wanna be in that web no more
And I'm so sure
Look at this we-e-e-e-eb!

[Part 2: Wordsworth]
Yo, my girl thinks she slick. It's really all a scam
She be cheatin' on me with some n*gga named Sam
And Sam thinks I'm not aware, but I am
And I'ma show 'em both that I'm a killer like Cam
He sends flowers to her job every week (every week)
Calls her phone, late night is when they speak (when they speak)
When I'm in bed is when she slithers off the [?]
Just because my eyes closed that don't mean a n*gga sleep!
I'm pretty sure, there's more secrets that you keep (yup!)
And you and Sam probably got some feelings that are deep
But just remember: What you saw is what you reap
And I'ma dead this n*gga just so I can see his mama weep
You and this dude at your favourite little spot (little spot)
I get the drop, you at a diner up the block (up the block)
Walk through the door and I got the hammer c*cked
Then I stopped. Sam is really Samantha! Wait, what!?


[Part 3: Stricklin]

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