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Masta Ace

"Gimme, Gimme, Gimme"

Golddiggers get ready!
Yo Ace what are we gonna do
About these young chicks trying to get into our pockets?

[Masta Ace]
Y'all young ho's today, Think this sh*ts a game
See no matter who I meet, all I get's the same
Buy me this, take me there
But I'm not you're father
I don't care if my di*k's hard or hot and bothered
So pay attention please, it be nice if you listen
Cause that young pus*y ain't worth the price of admission
See y'all chicks today, be the first to say
I want this, I need that
In the worstest way
Besides b*tch, I need another curse to say (ho)
Cause you won't get no brand new, purse today
See y'all young felines can't wait to pounce
And try to take amounts, from my bank accounts
I ain't got nothing on your nails and hair
And I can see how you look at other girls and stare
See you want that bag, them shoes, that jag
You need the cash, to pay that price, on that tag
Fat chance
You look real good in the black pants
I love your battle stance, thats why I sat in a trance
But I know first-hand, that y'all ho's are lethal
Your souls are transparent, and your clothes are see-through
Don't know me from a hole in the wall
And want to go to the mall
Shopping bags, I'm left holding 'em all?
I know you and your baby daddy's gonna do it
But like the Belt Parkway, b*tch I conduit

Now Ace tellin the truth
Yo check it out, man
I met some wholesome chick, I mean she REAL wholesome
I say that cause everytime I go to the ATM and withdraw some money, she
Wanna hol' some
Now I need alittle more advice from a veteran in this game
Drop another one on the mic for these young cats
Cause these chickens be really thinkng that

"Before I'm through, I'm going to make fortunes."

"Now just a moment, I think you misunderstood." (Please)

[Masta Ace]
Y'all must got me confused with one of them young dudes
They can't wait to get their tongue in your c*m-toos
A young boy will trick just to squeeze the titty
Cause he love your fat ass, and he sees you're pretty
But I ain't phazed by no breasts, or no big asses
You got them boys sweatin, like aerobic classes
And NFL rooikes with that cash to spend
Will do anything at all to get that ass to bend
And y'all know their stats when they walk in the room
He pushed up, but whos really talkin to whom?
I know
Jay-Z taught you how to do this hun
Now you runnin around the clubs like "Ooh, this fun"
And dude might not be the cutest one
But you girls like " I might have to do this one"
All for the Prada, Louie, Gicci, Chanel
For the right price, even got the koochy for sale
Where the broads with the titties out
Thong with the ass out
Give a n*gga Hennessey straight, until he pass out
Last night you did his little crotch, solid
Now he woke up and can't find his watch and wallet[n*gga what?]
And this goes on any place you go
So why chase a ho, who erase your dough
See most dudes ain't got the cheddar to spare
It ain't cheaper to keep her n*gga
Its better to stare (word)

There it is
True words bein spoken
Young tramps be warned
We gotta show 'em all the deep pockets
You wanna catch a body or a SUV, you better ride the MTA
Cause NTA= No Trickin Allowed, so get a j-o-b
J-Zone and the A-c-e (say what)

"I know what I want and how to get it."

"pus*y for a price."
"No doubt about it."

Gimme, gimme, gimme
I need some money
Gimme, gimme, gimme
Gimme, gimme, gimme
Gimme, gimme, gimme
I need some money

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