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Masta Ace

"Unfriendly Game"

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
I'm about to take this beat and teach you bout the agony of defeat
In this football game in the street
And no it ain't two hand touch, it's rough tackle
When n*ggas ball on your block and they bust at you
The field's full of players, and they all trying to score
The whole team sits on the bench in the down pour
Cause no matter the weather, the game don't stop
Competing with other teams, that reign on top
Your offense gotta be cats with no conscience
No-nonsense n*ggas, with no options
That know how to carry that rock
Make the hand-off and run off the block
It's hard to get first down when your new in this rough town
You sell a pound its a touchdown
And n*ggas see the pigskin, they blast cops
So federal agents dress as mascots
n*ggas hold weight but it's not for lifting
The only white lines is the ones n*ggas sniffing
I know it sounds a bit different, the only quarter is a quarter ki
If that ain't a penalty, it oughta be
And the concession stand is so sick
Serving you the cat, rat and dog on a stick
But if you ask why somebody got slain
Yo, it's just an unfriendly game

[Hook: Masta Ace, Strick]
The game don't stop, cats keep playing
Some got hit hard and wound up laying
Out in the field but the fans keep paying
Understand what I'm saying
It's just an Unfriendly Game
This ain't America is it
This ain't America is it
Where can I be

[Verse 2: Strick]
Yo, a'yo it's Monday night
We on some watch the game sh*t
But I can go outside and still see the same sh*t
Cause look, there's a bunch of n*ggas in a huddle
Looks like they calling the play
Come on kids, don't be all in the way
Cause that's Pookie, he the f*cking quarterback
Cause he like to use the shotgun if he don't I know he got one
And that's Budda he the f*cking running back
Cause he always say he gone quit
And he always wind up running back
The rest of them
I'll just say they play the line
Cause they like to protect Pookie and Pookie make them stay in line
And if they make a wrong move they penalized
Not by the referee but by Pookie brother Jeffery
And Jeff don't touch sh*t, he sit and watch
Oversees the whole block, from his own private luxury box
He the one that makes the deals happen
Smoking big cigars while his stars are in the field scrapping
But tonight the line of scrimmage got penetrated
The block got raided, and everybody got traded
Now they wearing stripes in a pen
Guess that's how the game go
n*gga you don't know
Highlights at 10

Wednesday police arrested 12 men in a downtown drug raid
The cartel known on the streets as the Sharks
Was transporting large amounts of marijuana
In shipments of little league football equipment

[Verse 3: Masta Ace]
There's a new team in from out of town
What's the sound
Out of bounds
And the front line n*ggas stay ready for the blitz sonny
So you won't make a sack of money
And every now and then, somebody drops the ball
And the next team be right there to take it all
Now somebody new is trying to make a score in your territory
It's the same old story
And if you want your corner back you better wear a vest
Just in case, you gotta catch a bullet to the chest
Believe me that sh*t can be a humdinger
Cause every quarterback in this league's a gunslinger
The half-time show's kinda ill
Hood rat b*tches dancing to Dru Hill
Another n*gga down and out
A crackhead with no name, yo
It's just an unfriendly game


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