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Masta Ace

"Me & AG"

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
I'm smart as a whip, y'all slaves to the rhythm
Colorful bright flows, sun rays in the prism
Like a hundred days in the prison, I'm acclimated
I'm in the building, y'all dudes get evacuated
Mind grows while your campaign slows
And champagne flows are extra dry, I'm saturated
I go deep and I ain't talking about scuba diving
Listen here, get a career in Uber driving
You're nothing more than a sidekick, you're Super Robin
Selling verses mad cheap, you're two for fiving
Me and A's like merging traffic
We come together and do this for nerds and black kids
And they know the words of classic
But y'all won't give it up like virgin tactics
So we stay grinding like teenage boys
On teenage girls, listen up, we make noise
Loud like the ball dropping in Times Square
Stopping all that mall hopping, these rhymes here
You can get on Black Friday, no bait and switch
I'm aiming for your head like a blatant pitch
And you don't wanna rush the mound
KIC Beats on the beat, can't touch the sound
Me and AG are endangered species
And y'all cats flows is feces, f*ck outta here

[Verse 2: AG]
Me and Ace is like Run and Darryl Mac
On stage my Adidas and we back to back
All these culture vultures
sh*t is pure fiction maybe Quentin or Travolta know ya
Acting like you're gangster maybe Coppola know ya
Francis Ford in Nova Scotia
I'm a giant and a beast, dot org, dot net
Think it's time we leave? Not yet
I'm like Oooh, no boss, no rules, no school
Fly like the first pro tools
Don Cornelius on the 6 Line to Pelham Bay
Rested on the seventh day, tell em hey
6th Grade, in love with the beats
Got to junior high, Kurtis Blow on repeat
Dropped outta high school, n*gga had to eat
Never went to college, graduated from the streets
Once you hear the capital A, rap it'll stay
With you for a while, won't go away
So I hit em with the heat, watch em spin like clothes driers
Holy water, leave holes in your ghost writers
Love at first sight is how I carry it
I'm so underground, my Queen named Harriet
New York sh*t, clones ain't permitted
Credit if you wrote it but respected if you live it

[Verse 3: Masta Ace]
I shine like the moon during prohibition
I'm so efficient, eMC is the coalition
A lot of lames is running up in the game
Cause the sign at the door has changed
It reads 'no admission'
There's no pride in the free riding I know it's missing
I get on tracks, sh*t on cats and the flow is p*ssing
Straight urination on these kids' dreams
I'm Robert Kelly on a 16, extreme
The big thing between you and yours truly
I'm on the block, my system knocking, a Ford Dually
You in the park with a pedal bike with a transistor
Lazy don, your baby mom's is your man's sister
A bad twister we touch down and destroy your town
Me and AG, yeah we tore it down
These boys cold, wait, no, we more than freezing
That's the reason y'all tuned in, it's the Falling Season

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