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Masta Ace


Hello everybody
How you doing guys?
Today I want to show you
A very good mathematic trick
Ok, you're gonna love this treat
Because it's a great one
And uh let's do it

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
Ya'll little rap cats ain't figured this
The specimen, regiment is rigorous
The hate so exponential, my potential
Means there's only couple bars for a n*gga dis
Is it geometry or trigonometry?
Try counterpull the currency that I'mma see
And where I'mma be is on top
Like a numerator, fast, it's the cash acc*mulator
Try to follow after this is like Calculus
It's hard to calculate, what you about to miss
I'm like a fully grown tree when I bare fruit
I'm feeding ya'll from the branch to the square root
Yeah and I don't give a damn if you flip a Pi
The meaning still the same but I'm a different guy
Don't need no body double, this is real stunting
It's simple mathematics, Good Will Hunting
I turn a negative into a positive
This is what I got to give and how I opt to live
My philosophies, you can try every angle
But can't hang though, isosceles
Hypotheses, the education that I share so cold
Man watch how I drop degrees
I will convert ya'll, like Celsius to Fahrenheit
When I grab the mic, watch me work ya'll
I'm up next like that bullet you find in the chamber
Subtract them and find me, yes I'm the remainder
Dominant, in my path is prominent danger
KIC Beats the producer and I'm the arranger
Filthy Rich on the boards like a power forward
And EMC be the crew that I'm a tour with
From '88 to infinity, my energy
Made the crowd move like Synity
Yeah another 500 decimal joint
Every line I be making my decimal point
I'm used to the doubts and the skepticism
But won't budge an inch, I'm the metric system
Listen, listen don't make the wrong decision
Cause we will not work it out man, long division
Another song vision, another product of hard work
Against all odds, this is God's work

I hope you guys enjoyed this trick
Its a really cool one isn't it?
And yah, have fun with it
I'm going to show you many more cool tricks
Coming soon and
Times up, thanks very much
I will see you next time

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