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Masta Ace

"3000 Avenue X"

[Verse 1: Your Old Droog]
I'm from a place to where the pigeon is indigenous
Just came off a heavy year, graffiti everywhere
If you didn't know that's where the concept of crews originated
Just getting out of junior high, you thought you made it
Acting like you were grown, playing it cool
Thinking "should I troop it out or stick with my zone school?"
Cause that's depending on the train ride
Where should I go? My brain can't decide
Like do we go to Dewey, with my friends be linking at Lincoln
Maybe William E. Grady, tensions high in the 80's
Knew this cute chick that went to New Utrecht
She messed with me for free, you trick
What's the matter son? Should have went to Madison
They sent you home in cabs when I two piece your dome with these jabs
This the era of hand skills, not one shotgun pellet
You know what, I'mma let my man sell it

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
Yeah, my mom's saying, "No way you going to Jefferson
That's a school where kids be sneaking their weapons in"
Around here, Jeff is where they gon' put ya
Or Maxwell but they ain't even got football
10 more points and I would have gotten into Brooklyn Tech
Oh well, what other schools are we looking at?
It's Midwood and South Shore and Edison
They all full, so no way they gon' let us in
Fort Hamilton High School is dumb far
That's like two trains and a bus or one car
Stuyvesant they sent the nice poster to us
But there where some schools a whole lot closer to us
Erasmus Hall, boys and girls, some other places
Moms thinks I should go to school with some other races
Italians, Jews, Russians and Armenians
Dominicans, West Indians, you'll make plenty friends
Just be ready for a real bad racial tone
Them white boys don't hesitate to chase you home
Then we settled on Sheepshead Bay
My man work out there and he said: "hey"
Long as ya dudes don't come out try to act a fool
Everything gon' be real cool after school
But act up and they gon' chase y'all cats
All the way back to the hood with baseball bats
Damn, that's a long bus ride to a foreign land
But I'm ready to hit the scene like Marlon Bran'
All I need is some new clothes from Aqueduck
And the rest of these cool Joe's can pack it up
Sheepshead Bay, strange name, yes it is
And I vow to be one of the freshest kids
So fresh I'mma be having you vexed
When I arrive at 3000 Avenue X

Ok, ok, settle settle down
This line is only for students who don't have a school yet
If you need lunch passes you're over here
Hot lunch only, over here
Here please
Bus passes over there, on that side to the left
Miss, miss, you're going in the right direction
No no not you, you are going in the right one
You're going in the wrong one, you're on that line
Where is, where are your parents?
Oh God I can't wait until this day is over

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