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Masta Ace

"Welcome To The Bay (Skit)"

[Interlude: Fats Belvedere]
Welcome to Sheepshead Bay High School
A lot of us never been to this part of Brooklyn, I bet
In this neighborhood we got a lot of Jewish, Irish
And of course, Italian families that send their kids to school over here
In the last few years we've been getting more and more minority kids coming in from all over the borough on the bus
When they get off that 44 bus they know they're a long way from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Flatbush and other areas like that. My name's Fats by the way
I go to class sometimes if I'm in the mood, but usually I just hang out outside with the crew, my closest friends, you know, mostly Italian tough guys. We don't take no sh*t off of nobody!
Any of these visitors get out of line, huh well, let's just say baseball season can come real early around here;
Around lunchtime...

[Speaking: Masta Ace (Fats Belvedere)]
— Yo, do you know where the football office is?
— Are you kidding me guy? You don't see here me doing this thing?
— My fault
— You interrupt me like that?
— Man, forget it. I'll ask somebody else
— Un-f*cking-believable. What are you, a freshman?
— Yeah, uh-huh
— Are you looking for what now?
— The football office
— The football office!? What are you trying it out for the team?
— Yup; you know it, I'm about to show this kids
— All right, all-all right. You're gonna go down those stairs over there
— Uh-huh
— That'll take you to the basement
— Ok
— At the bottom of the steps, you're gonna make it a right and then a left, and you just follow the smell
— All right, all right, cool man, thanks!
— No problem, no problem; hey hey, where you from kid?
— Brownsville
— Brownsville, huh? You're a long way from home kid. You know that right?

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