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Masta Ace

"Mothers Regret"

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
I'm from the city brother, New York, New York city
Well that's the alcohol and drugs, steal the soul of a young pretty mother
Thick hips and thighs, caramel complexion
The inspiration for some teenage affection
Jordache jeans tight like some running pants
Got a brother speaking French like a son in France
"Bonjour Mademoiselle", sexy older lady
You can rob this cradle like somebody stole a baby
I'm only 15, but I'mma fast learner
I know your man got a 'fro like he Nat Turner
I know your man drive a Eldorado
But I'm been try to take a rest on some breasts since I held the bottle
"Eh yo that's Rodney mom", I know that's Rodney mom
But when she get dressed for work, eh yo that body bomb
Like a Saudi bomb, I want to set it off
Cause that booty extra big and I bet it's soft
So many nice curves, I'm Mario Andretti
I wanna ride but I'm prolly sure ain't ready
I heard she party hard and she be hanging
With the hustlers cats Big Black, Shameek and Robby Rob
Then came the white powder
Every man try to get all the clams that he can like some white chowder
And they gave it to their ladies first
I'm just try to keep the tears out my eyes while I say this verse

You ok?
You good?
Huh? What's wrong?
Why you sitting here?
Say what?

[Verse 2: Queen Herawin]
Doing this dayjob, tell you it stay hard
Damn it the pain robs, my spirit's will fade far
Each moment the brain's on CoreNet
Cause the reds and the bread gone
Medical bills that swell more
Caring for my unwell moms
But it's Karen who I depend on
Detent to Sean, whose tender nights I work long
Graveshifting it, got the grey hairs glistening
Looking Claire Huxtable minus Cliff and when
The last time I tried hollering at him
We just rifted and drifted in
Some nights I want to escape this prison
Get away where ignorance is blistering
Where pain stops existing
Watch it dissipate with the wade
See the shift in my fade
Face countenance
It was like I was bound to slip, cursed
I'm just try to keep these tears out my eyes while I say this verse

You alright?
Because I'm looking at your eyes to see if your pupils is big
What's wrong with her?
You doing some drugs?

[Verse 3: Masta Ace]
Fat ass dissolving, like cotton candy
Grown ladies calling dealers daddy
But yo that's not your family
Lotta women like to cop from Stanley
Then go home and wash away the shame
Drinking lots of Brandy
Cause he be on that barter system
Where a pretty New Jack City chick becomes a Carter victim
Off your knees lady, he's deceiving you
And like your new job, that body, it be leaving you
I believe in you, you somebody mama
And as a man he should protect you, like body armor
But he's a hottie charmer and you under a spell
Now the whole neighbourhood is a thunderous hell
Lotta shorties left at home, cause their mama's gone
What's a young kid to do with all that time alone?
Man, they should have put the babies first
I'm just try to keep the tears out my eyes while I lay this verse

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