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Masta Ace


[Intro: Woman Talking]
Good evening
I would like to welcome family, friends and faculty
To the 1984 commencement ceremony for Sheepshead Bay High School
To the seniors I want to say: "congratulations"
I know today feels like the end of of a long journey
But it's actually only the beginning
Today is the first day of the rest of your lives

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
My moms said: "you looked great in your cap and gown"
Life's daring me to fight but I ain't backing down
I got travel plans in minivans and caravans and 747's but I'll still be coming back around
And while I'm out there, can't act a clown
I won't be on the block, so I don't have to frown
Man, the world so beautiful and colorful
It a be a shame if I only saw black and brown
So I look at my horizons and broaden them
It's so surprising or according to them
I should be dead or incarcerated
Or strung out, but I've come out and of course I made it
Yeah, despite all the naysayers
I just leave it up to God when i say prayers
From this day forward I will vow
To always cut through the bullsh*t like cake layers
And rise above it all, way above it all
Life can be a mix bad, I gotta love it all
That's what they told me at the podium
Don't let them ever hold you like imodium
Stay loose, be ready when your time come
Stay alert, be ready when the sign come
Cause you don't wanna miss your calling
Stay in tune while the balloons are in the mist of falling

[Bridge: Woman Talking]
Tracy Bird, Jolanda Brisbane, Breigh Brooks
Fred Caprista, John Chesney, Duval Clear
Norris Coburn, Jolanda Donald, Phil Dresman
Yanick Dasier, David Dopkin, Dean Evans
Joseph Diembalgo, Starmanye Green, Roger Holly
Veranda Jones, Kristina Johnson, Jackie Lee

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
Of course my momma here and my nana here
My father not, he's somewhere in a can of beer
My uncle Marvin here, my other family not
Please listen to this little caveat
"One day you will have to p*ss and won't have a pot
But there may come a day when you have a lot"
Whoever don't support you when you young, when you grown they may try to check you out like the Marriott
It's up to you if you hold a grudge
To me, it's like water off a duck's back
My mentality is f*ck that
Without them I was still gone get off like I know the judge
And I am not the one that sold the drugs
Me and that life is no correlation
I got accepted to a university, they probably cursing me
But this is my coronation

[Bridge: Woman Talking]
Tony Lewis, Lorraine Ledgeman, Margo DeWitt
Corine Mattedean, Michael McColin, Kenneth McFadder
Craig McWin, Steward Minklewitz, Patricia Murroh
Harold Neil, Arleen Pennington, Karen Price
Gwendolyn Roach, Larry Robin, Curtis Scott
Michael Stark, Michael Walker, Saul Weisberg
Michael Zepparetto

[Outro: Woman Talking]
Seniors, please move your tassels to the other side of your hat
To commemorate these rites of passage
"You are now all high school graduates, congratulations"

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