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Masta Ace


[Intro: Lord Digga]
Hit me over the head, n*gga!
Yeah, you're god damn right
We got the sh*t to make your dome split
You f*cking around over here?
You gonna feel the terror

[Verse 1: Masta Ace, Lord Digga]
(What's your name, kid?)
Well, lets just say
It's the A to the S - E
Don't try to test me
And I just be
Brownsville to the bone like that
Stone avenue, where ya at?
[Who you run with?]
Well, the INC
I got lord to the D
I got Paula to the P
Plus me, ey, Leschea
Keep the tangarae
And pour me a glass of that monkey made of brass
That's how it is and how it goes
I don't need silk clothes
To pull all the holes
In your head
Bum the gunshots and the raps
I bust mad caps
When the wack take naps
I need to wake 'em up
Then I take 'em up
Then I shake 'em up
Hey, then I break 'em up
Like glass
Im up in that ass like Charmin
MC's that feel like swarmin
Like fleas
But I got these
Pesticide rhymes
You best to try crimes
Cuz' if you try to f*ck with this
Then you just made an error
And you gonna feel the terror

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
Coming through in the black cherry automobile
That's how I feel
Everybody claimin' real and holdin steel
But I be on some rollin sh*t, Holdin' sh*t
Down for my borough, Brooklyn base thorough
That's why, I do or die
Like Bed-Stuy
Oh my, that sh*t that get you high
It's something of a phenomenon
Like white lines
Me and Mines run thick like Heinz
Catch up, you can't catch up
So play the rear, over there
It's B-bass in your ear
And your eyes
So realize and recognize
A n*gga dies
When we terrorize

[Verse 3: Masta Ace, Leschea]
I don't think you really wanna play
Cuz' we be doin' n*ggas every day
Just like that
J-J-Just like that
J-J-Just like that
I cram a knife in your back
The INC don't care about you and your crew
Or them n*ggas that you run with
Them the n*ggas you'll get done with
Check it
We be comin' with that bigger and better and more sh*t
We got that raw sh*t
It's the I
It's the N
It's the C
No mystery, You dont want none of me
You must not know the time
If you wanna try and say that
Whatchu' got there, INC?
Motherf*cking right, yo play that, hate that
(Feels so good, that my mind won't let go)
Black boy, black boy
Turn that sh*t down
f*ck that
Now feel the terror in my sound

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