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Masta Ace

"A's & E's"

[Intro: Masta Ace]
Yeah, yeah, I ain't playin man
Straight up and down, yeah
Uh, c'mon, yeah
Uh, you recordin?
Uh-huh... I hope so

[Verse One: Masta Ace]
Aiyyo, Arts & Entertainment is the acronym
For these two amazing American-Africans
This is ab-verbal-robics like we at the gym
Alternatin' on these verses, I go after him

[Verse Two: Edo G]
Edo, earned everything far from easily
Equal to Ace, so we split the pie up evenly
I stay fly like Amelia Earhart
Eclipse any emcee, within an earshot

[Verse Three: Masta Ace]
Aiyyo, I got an alter-ego name Ace Avenger
His agender is to annihilate pretenders
And trust he know how to adapt
He's able to adjust his esophagus and swallow a track

[Verse Four: Edo G]
Yo, my efficiency is effortless
I'm ego trippin, evil spittin, check the effectiveness
Edo's era was eighty-six
No escape, I'm the EPITOME of everything, eject your tape

[Hook: Marsha Ambrosious]
Look what they do, this what we do
You know what it is and you know what I mean
And you can if you want, be a part of my team
See we got what you want, what you needed was this
If you still wanna know what the difference is
Look what they do, this what we do
Look what they do, this what we do
Look what they do, this what we do
Look what they do, this what we do

[Verse Five: Masta Ace]
Hey! This is Ace not Ashton now that's who Punked ya!
I'm 'bout to stick it to you like acupuncture
Awesome audio, this is me at a glance
Sounds arrogant, but y'all never had a chance
I'm so adamant, let this black man advance
Adios; Au revoir; n*gga Spanish, France, uh huh!

[Verse Six: Edo G]
Yeah! I stomp rappers with a elephant's foot
Elevate educate the way the way the elements should
I eliminate embarrassments eliquently
Elusive ivy league you elfs is elementary

[Verse Seven: Masta Ace]
I got the answers you ain't gotta ask who got 'em?
I attract like a ass in some Apple Bottoms
Grab a throttle accelerate, grab a bottle
Cause the average as*h*le can't bag a model
Now alleviate your anger with some alcohol
Go back to booze and academics out the mall
Get apprehended one August afternoon
Do ten months then come back after June

[Verse Eight: Edo G]
Yeah! The A&E emblem is embedded
Establish a new economy never end dead it
Ed O's the MC, Rich is the engineer
Endless endeavors that could end your career

[Hook: Marsha Ambrosious]

[Verse Nine: Masta Ace]
Aiyyo, I used to drive a Audi and a Astro van
Now I want a Aston Martin, n*gga that's the plan
Acura's and Altima's are average cars
I want that A-RAB Money like Abdul-Jabbar, c'mon

[Verse Ten: Edo G]
Yo, my embargo can get you all licked like an envelope
Married to the game, then elope
You eager for my involvement
Kill you rappers, while Ace is the emballment

[Verse Eleven: Masta Ace]
You sound asinine braggin 'bout the ass you got
Back up, give me some space like an astronaut
And assume my associates, the accurate shot
Aims at the oblongata and the back of the knot

[Verse Twelve: Edo G]
Yo, it's evident your events are promotional
And your employees is way too emotional
You don't wanna engage us and stage us
It's dangerous, then you rappers become endangered
I'm eco-friendly, Ace is addicted to detail
Smoke you like emphysema, send it in an e-mail
What I embody you ALL should embrace
A&E, E&A, Edo and Ace, n*gga

[Hook: Marsha Ambrosious]

[Outro: Masta Ace]
You are now tuned in to.. A&E!
Ace & Ed
The Dynamic Duo
Arts & Entertainment
Don't change the channel
Don't touch that dail

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