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Masta Ace

"Who U Jackin"

Verse One: Paula Perry, Masta Ase

One one two two, check it I can't stay home
Gotta take walk down to block to the pay phone
"Do you run?" No, like I said before I walk
Stick up kids hawk, but I don't stop to talk
I keep my hand on my pocket on my razor
Get too close and I'mma have to graze ya
Late night and early morning scheming at dawn and
Looking to jack what I want

Back back back you better watch yours
I got yours
Cut you like I got claws
Stick em up because
It's a roothless toothless
Waiting inna thick here
Looking for a vict, yeah
How about this chick here?

Who's this standing at the corner?
I wonder if he's on a
Mission to stick cuz he's a goner
Paula Perry ain't lackin, in fact I'm packin
Get back, and
n*gga who you jackin?

Verse Two: Masta Ase, Paula Perry

I'm come comin to get cha, with your bangles in your ears
With your Gucci link to match and I ain't snatched a chain in years
When a pocket full kicka kicka granny inna back and
When I see you little doe, hey, I dont know how to act

Well... I'm not your neighborhood nice girl, I'm raw as coke
So schemin dreamin I'mma play ya like a bad joke
You're trying to scare me, but I'm not the one
I'll pistol-whip that ass, and I don't even have a gun

I put my foot up to the ass
Of a b*tch that think she got class fast
Give up the cash as you can not pass
Feedin readin, I dont mean the grass
sh*t's draastic so chick run the stach

Well, I'mma jiggaboo, with an attitude
Better to slice and dice and crush you like ice so don't get rude
Make your moves so I can dat that bullsh*t
Quick n*gga quick, before you lose your di*k
This ain't no movie so dont be actin
Stupid on a girl like me, n*gga who you jackin?

Verse Three: Masta Ase, Paula Perry

Ya just skin an' bones so ya need to change the tones
In ya voice ya just another jack by the phones
My pockets need fixing cause the sh*ts is mad broke
If I had my nine your ass would get smoked
But I'mma split you in half f*ck it I ain't butter
I'm Paula Perry leavin' body parts in a gutter
So who you jackin?
You baby check it
You're lucky I dont leave you in the street butt naked
With your ass out froze the f*ck up
I'll be vickin
You'll be what-in?
Jackin, thats another name for stickin
And tricking chick you like baby whats your name an gamin
I'll snatch your whole sh*t and then I'm flamin
Right down to block, yeah, I'll teach you holy mo
With a P knows the time, so yo ass had better go
You getting too close, really, what is this?
I think its about time your face was opened up for business

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