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Masta Ace


Aw yeah, aw yeah
It's just an I.N.C. thing, ya know
For now and forever
For the 9 everything
Lord Digga in the house
DJ Lord Kasim, Cella Dwellas ya know
This ain't off the top of the head but it's still a freestyle for those that don't know the real meaning
Check it out...

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
One time for your mental zone, I'm prone
To wreck this microphone, leave me alone
I'm in my own world, watch your girl
I get juice like Jheri curl, mix styles like swirl
I handle, like Pearl but it's mics I grip
Yikes I rip, no one gets hype like I get
I rock when I skate roll and bounce, so get down
I wrecks boys to men from every H town
Watch as I pound and give MC's the shakes
Flakes, I make more noise than car brakes
So vroom vroom as I zoom and shift gears and blaze
Amaze, and break down styles like Hyundais
So praise, this here rap skills is tight
My sh*t's thick like shakes from Castle White
No switch that
And put the Castle last as I wrassle past
Weak rappers that's more flammable than gas
So roll him around
Roll him around, roll him around
I'm holding 'em down
My lyrics grow from the ground
Until it's gigantic, don't panic
I'm botanic like the garden, I'm starting
To get a green thumb, and I seen some
Try to get fly like roaches from Texas
But why?
Would you want to flam and get foul like ham
Digga did you see that Grand Am?
I never seen no kit like that
sh*t like that is lethal
Thems my kind of people

[Hook: Queen Latifah sample x3]
Dig it while I rip it
Check it while I wreck it

That's what we's about to do

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
I never heard a sound played so heavy and so clear
Oh yeah I swear this is my year to tear
And just uh, get the best of, the rest of
Wack MC's that talk more sh*t than Esther
You're crazy like Compton and Brownsville
And the sounds will wax that ass and pound still
This is the thunder from up under
The power, I tower
And get mad busy like rush hour
n*ggas know my lyrical history
It's no mystery so I want this to be understood
I burn more than Chuck D in Hollywood
And I probably should, say what I want to say
Call me benchwarmer cause n*gga I don't play
When it come to bass, I explode the planet
And then jack more sons than Janet
Anytime, anyplace I burn like perm
I'm damaging domes like ringworm
I rip mics from Jordan, Tyson, to Irvin
Bolton to Keaton, Jackson I'm serving
Suckers like a waiter
So they betta play the side
And I'm deep like the dish in your rims
And that's the ride

It's like that kids

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