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Masta Ace

"Give It To Me"

[VERSE 1: Craig G]
Rappers throw away your clock 'cause time's up
You flip type smooth with your raps but you wind up
Two steps behind, maybe three, even four steps
Yo Ace, are you ready to rip this track? (Sure bet)
As I flip on the mic like a acrobat
Wherever I land my plan will attack the wack
Craig G comin swift like a pitch from Orel Hirshiser
( ? )
Come one by one, so I can show some
Weak individuals where I'm comin from
And if you think you're live, think up mellow thoughts
Before I fly that ass just like a ( ? )
I mean so fast they won't feel a thing
Cause it won't mean sh*t if it don't got the hip-hop swing
And pickin up the mic is my duty
(Yo Craig G, give it to me)

[VERSE 2: Masta Ace]
Yeah, that sounds kinda dumb, so
I grab the mic and put all you crumbs low
I know you fiend for this type of routine
But that's just a wish, A Midsummer Night's Dream
So don't get close or you might get a dose of
The Master Ace at a much faster pace
Movin and groovin, kickin the fly type of sh*t
Hyper with a track that is ripe to get
On the good foot, so I could put
More strain as I (w)rap like cellophane
The tirst, third and fifth letters of the alphabet
Some kid tried to front with a death threat
He balled up his hands and out of hate did it
But take that fist and masturbate with it
Master Ace and Craig G gettin live
Now I'm not a sex symbol but so many girls wanna do me
(Yo Ace, give it to me)

[VERSE 3: Craig G]
MC's like Lego blocks, I use 'em to build with
And me and Marley Marl is comin off with the ill sh*t
I drop crews like my fingers were buttery
But I approach with force, not subtly
Attack like a viking, call me Hgar the Horrible
Your days are worse, or maybe tomorrow will
Be a better day, so don't you ever say
Craig G's wack because you might get pimp slapped
So yo, don't ever try to do this
Cause 14 men on steroids can't move this
The Vernon Posse's large and now that we've raised
We'll cancel your show just like Happy Days
Cause you're wack and not in contact
You thought you wouldn't ( ? ) cause you're on wax?
But the way you're produced make your album sound just like the last one
That's why you got passed, son
So listen to the words from yours truly
(Craig G, give it to me)

[VERSE 4: Masta Ace]
Now this here funky track Marley Marl hooked up
Def, black, do on the chef's hat and cook up
The stew, sucker MC, what y'all wanna do?
I'll take ya out and your whole wack crew
Yo kid, you're clowny
I'll go mush ya, spit in your face like Morton Downey
Jr, soon you're gonna see the light at the end of the tunnel
And one day the sun'll
Shine, you'll have a job just like mine
Swingin dope lyrics to the crowd on a vine
But I ain't Tarzan, cause I see cars, and
Souped up trucks and all kinds of ( ? )
Drivin down the boulevard, now I'ma pull a card
This jam is called "Give it to Me" and it's full of hard
Raps, slaps you right in the face, and
He's Craig G (Craig G) I'm Master Ace and
I got somethin for the girls to taste and
The title ain't "Poison", that's what it's laced in
"Ain't No Half-Steppin'", so yo, kick the pace in
"This Is Something For the Radio" station
It's dope and "Down By Law" like Perry Mason
So "Have a Nice Day" and stop pacin
And take a physical, I ain't invisible
You can't see through me
Yo Marley Marl, give it to me

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