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Masta Ace


[Masta Ace]
One fine spring
In the middle of may
My cousin Jerome
Flew in from LA
He came to spend the summer
On the streets of New York
Trippin' on how we dress
Me buggin' on how he talk

From two different worlds we came
Three thousand miles
Two different brothas
With two different styles
He was a loud motherf*cker
A G from South Central
And I was straight Brooklyn
With a more laidback mental
But no matter where you go
Some things stay the same
Like crusin' and boozin'
Flirting and running game

In three and a half months
We crammed a whole year of flexin'
Cuties with booties
Chased for safe sexin'
But we learned from eachother
And that made us complete
And here's what happened
As we rolled through the heat

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