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Masta Ace

"The Cutting Room (Skit)"

[Skit: Masta Ace & Marco Polo]
To me, the kick gotta
It gotta knock more than that
You gotta turn that sh*t up some
Like, not a lot more
A lot more
Hey, excuse me
I'm sorry man, this is a closed session
No disrespect
I hate to interrupt your session
My name's Marco
I'm an intern here
I just started
And I actually do beats

Would it, uh
Would it be cool if I gave you a beat CD?

Yeah, gimme the CD man
Gimme the CD
Nah, stay right there
We gon- we gon-
We gon' play this right now
You want-
You come in here
Bargin' in my session
We gon' play this right now
Y- y- you wanna play it now?

Right now, yup
I was just thinking, uh-
Nah, nah, f*ck that
Push play on that sh*t

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