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Masta Ace

"Live Thru Us"

Dripping on 'em. Y'all know me. Yeah. Mast to the Ace. Uh. I.N.C. to the fullest. Once again. Back is the incredible

I.N.C. drop sh*t that's so toxic
n*ggas pop sh*t but can't stop sh*t
Never too much, never can you touch
Nothing you can give to us so live through us

[Verse One]
We pack the club like free drinks, hoes with the mink
Scheme on this, trying to make cream on this
My team on this
In good hands at All States in all boroughs, we wild thorough
The Tri-Borough felt us
Y'all hot? Can't melt us
Mast to the id-ace like a blast to the fid-ace
Eyes bug
Like a E-Class when you're with Ace
Go down on it, blow up the town on it
Brand new CD with a hot sound on it
n*ggas try to frown on it, bust a round on it
Wanna clown on it but really they feeling it
If it ain't nailed down, Brooklyn is stealing it
And shorty with the weave got a trick up her sleeve
Depending on what you driving in when you leave
Play you like Steve, Urkel, try to hurt you
In your pocket, tell you a lie that you'll believe
It's true, one track mind, one logic, dollar sign
None of y'all n*ggas can follow mine
Word up

Mast to the Ace. What? Live through us


[Verse Two]
My team, shine like high beam, 100 thou and a dream
Fabulous gleam, doesn't it seem
Like it's all about grabbing this cream?
And the truth is, we on top like a roof is
Cause we stay true to it, y'all is new to it
No clue to it, nothing that y'all can do to it
I'm used to it
Make your b*tch get loose to it
Run to Sacks and boost to it
Steal a goose to it
I cruise to it
In the '98, smoked out, Lex bubble
Teo green, looking for trouble
While these chickens try to get they drink on
Put minks on and links on and stay dripping like the sinks on
I got a surprise for 'em
Nothing but lies for 'em and black eyes for 'em
We too wise for 'em
And too much size for 'em, not to play with so save it
Robbing son/Robinson like David, uh huh

Never too much. Never could you touch. That's right. To the fullest


I like a lot of echo

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