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Masta Ace

"My Style"

Masta Ace, Mighty Moe
Lettin ya know what our style is
BK all day

[Verse 1]
Listen what I bring to the table like a waitress
A lot of skill you can feel that it's greater kids
A lot better than that stuff you used to hearin
You can't tell from the past what your future's bearin
I just know that mine's bright like a halogen
Got these rappers breaking out like a [?]
The game's foul again but ("That ain't my style")
I sit and smile at the top of the [?] again
Adjust my eyes while these rap guys shuck and jive
You dudes fake like a five five f*cking five
Phone number, I aim while they duck and dive
That ain't my style man, I jump in the truck and drive
In other words I put the pedal to the metal man
While they goin back and forth llike a shuttle van
On the other hand, I'm doin everythin a brother can
It's ??
Yeah, that's my style

Yeah, that's my style

[Verse 2]
You are highly anticipated but you barely made it
Always so intoxicated while I'm really faded
I be sober like a judge on a murder trial
To make sure that when I spit you never heard a [?]
Anywhere near it's clear it's my style
I got a right to be, this is called hostile
Your little hot style is made in a microwave
That's why I'm comin for your throat like a shave
Yeah, that's my style


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