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Masta Ace

"The Way of the Future"


(Damian Marley:) And This is

The Way of the Future
The Way of the Future

And This is
The Way of the Future

And This is
Wonder Bred

(Wonder Bred:)

Not Four score and Seven years ago
Several Down the Road
(Venomous Penmanship:) Crowds of folks
People, shout my quotes!

Seattle Seahawking, walking the streets
Traveling, poetically, talking to beats
Often I be, walking to the market for treats
Strawberry Sweet, We're all very Beat

Beatniks be sick, in this generation
Chief the tree stick, it needs ventilation

Free information, given to all
Monkey making a wish I was given the Paw
Forgiveness for faults, for a trip and a fall
Giving it raw, not telling it tall or living it large


And This is
Venomous Penmanship

(Venomous Penmanship:)
I'mma explain
These lines I paint
Why I rhyme these things
It's kind of insane

Endemic Endeavors like Climate Change
Raising the level before my dying day

Don't try and debate
If I am a fake
The time is a waste

The foundation of Roc-Nation has lost its way
Slaves with chains are just Frosted Flakes

It's my turn with the mike to earn my stripes
They have golden calves, they don't worship Christ
Lies in the masses just hurt my sight
So I curse 'em like to write cursive kike

Coming to the Summit it is worth the hike
This is Down to Earth for Dummies, from 3 birds of flight. x2


And This is
Split Dreams

(Wonder Bred:)
Masta Ace, boom bap bass
Tapley's rap sheet, dropping a fat beat...

(Split Dreams:)
Look, I'm looking for response from the game
I ain't asking much, but I'm showing the same
I'm blowing my fame
I can't seem to attain
Lyrics that contend with the insane

In a sanely insane state
Smooth like Gravy on steak
But my mind breaks
When I try to break minds
And take time of mine outta the day
Drape, mine's in a phase
Got sober a few months but now it's inna blaze
Plants out the window like it's turning night from day
Might of the prey
Leaves contort, sight to the brave
They can see the light and the gray
As well as the night and the day

My fight is to get paid
My might and will is paved
Permanently, in the steps in this maze
But it's an easy escape
Mind rushing to a devious place
Scramble weight, filet page burning by the waist

Spittin' form the east, spittin' so long
The young white Ace on the Song
Raising unthinkable feats
AF1 Sneaks and beats
Sayin' f*ck you to the place is Dream

I'm sick of these eggy beats
I'm sick of CP3
f*ck all this mainstream

Where my man Curry?
Raising the whole fam
I took it on myself
Consider this wealth a planner
Mind grammar, time withstander
Time to get more dandy on a beat
Slander on fans of blander
Spraying cans of canister
CO2 blowing up the banister
Manager of this rap, mogul chancellor
Enhancer, vocal damager

Slamming down transcenders
And Cannibalizing The United States of America
The country's eating itself away
Look at the Obesity Rate
Look at the taxes they take
From this pay
I get 10 dollars I get f*ck this 2 dollars I gave
Get the whole country in a wave
One single show, bring Woodstock back from the grave
Potheads gather and prepare to be amazed
Split Dreams, Wonder Bred, Venomous Penmanship providing the Waves


And This is
Venomous Penmanship

(Venomous Penmanship:)
New Jack City, Blue Rhapsody
Two raps for me, beat it blue, black and be
Debut... But not the last of me

And This is
Venomous Penmanship

Make my life a map
Stay writing this rap
Back in the day
I am back to my ways
No gun at my waist
But Back off my case!

Pie in the sky, I'm Apple Baked
Got Blotter Paper, make it Acid Rain
Can you catch a thing?
Play it back again
After the brain, today, nastily play

The Way of the Future

Play it back again


And This is
Wonder Bred

(Wonder Bred:)
Venomous Penmanship
That's who my apprentice is
Phantom Menaces
Can't get ahead of this

Smooth I groove, subdue to the mood
OoooOooo... to the moon
Look in glass, black cat's in the room
MF... Mad f*ckin' Doom

Split Dreams is a mystery
Make music like a symphony
Through the roof to the chimney
Crickets listen like Jiminy

Penman is a Gemini
Rap like Mos Definitely
Spittin' Experimentally
This music is the BEAUTY to me
Wonder Bred, The BEAST



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