B*tch I’m coming off the rip opps h*es wanna lick me cause they see I’m full of drip pocket full of blues you a think I’m banging crip but a pockets full of blues yeah I do it like I’m nip cause I’m all about my hustle I was 15 walking around with a duffle 40 in my pants cause a n*gga wanna tercel put some cheese on his head choppa eat em like a ruffle we got switches on are Glocks opps don’t be outside cause they know we spinning blocks catch a dread head and put a whole up in a mop opp b*tch she a red I’m finna hit her with this c*ck all these n*iggas steady mood fronting stop all that capping with you it come and do something 2x (Chorus) all these n*ggas be fronting all these n*ggas be fronting they don’t even come outside cause b*tch I’m back in finna break her back in youngin on parole because he Clutchin on a Mac 10 lil 6 made a hit and now he blowing off of backend ain’t have it back ain’t have it back then if you want a vers then pay the fee because taxing dropping head to toe it got me looking like the sack man if I ever ran from somebody I was lacking but I can never run from somebody cause I’m packing

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