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Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

"My Son"

And with his first breath
His mother died
I alone was there
To hear him cry

This way my only child
My son
Sarah chose his name
Twas Benjamin
My son

Red was his hair
And green his eyes
Looking up at dad
Three times his size

First day of grade school
I walked him there
Looking through the tears
Of pride, I stare at my son

I was his father
His closest friend
Now our house was blessed
With two grown men

At twenty he told me
That he could see
How I tried to be
A family
For my son

Oh, how I miss him
Here with me
Reminiscing how it used to be
Here in my hand
They ave to me
Medals my boy won
For bravery
My son

Oh, oh, ho, he's gone

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