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Stephen Flaherty

"Mayzie In Palm Beach"

A circus, I love a show, I think I'll go!

Good gracious! I've seen you before- now, let's see

Why Mayzie, it's Horton! Remember? Its me
I've sat on your egg now for fifty-one weeks
I've sat here while people have paid to take peeks
I've sat here through lightning and hail storms and snow
Won't you take back your egg

Gee. I really don't know
Oh, wow, it's really late
And gee, I've got a date
And lots of places to be
But it's so great to see you
Look at you
Who would ever guess
Look at you
Such a big success
And it's all thanks to me

Amayzing Horton
That egg-sitting circus sensation
Amayzing Horton
Even I'm impressed
Amayzing Horton
While I was off taking vacation
You made your fortune
Up on Mayzie's nest

I may be unreliable
Fancy free irresponsible
Crazy me, always eager to fly
But seeing you gives me true delight
Just this once I've done something right
The egg is all yours
No, don't thank me
I'll cry

Good luck when it hatches.
Good luck
And goodbye

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