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Rabbit Junk


I didn't go out today
I won't go out tomorrow
I'll just sit at home
And wallow in my sorrow
Have you got some hope I can borrow?
I used to think so big
I used to talk so bold
Am I giving up, am I getting old?
How'd I get so low?
No, I think life owes me more
And I'm going to
Pick myself up off the floor
'Cause I want the f*cking glory

Wash out, go wash out
I'm feeling, I'm feeling like a motherf*cking failure

I wanna know how everyone survives
The day-jobs and debts
Not enough for rent and wounded sex
What the f*ck is next?
So hard to accept
How do I get by?
I've been bought and sold
Seen hot and cold
Been bored and ignored
Seen no reward for ten years of my youth
And the long line of bast*rds
Waiting to see me pack it in
Now I know I'll never win
Crawling under my skin
Just amplify in my fuzzy f*cked-up mind

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