Get Rid Of Me lyrics


[V 1]
I'm the king in this b*t*h
Fear I don't know what that is
My diamond be dancin' it's lit
The AP it's up on my wrist
When it come to money I get it and go
Never drown, I stay at flow
Designer shoes, designer clothes
I jump in that like Geronimo
Like you can never get rid of me like I'm a roach
If you knew how to save it you'll never go broke
Like my chain got the game by the throat
I like white girls not the ones up your nose
Father was a hustler use to whip on the stove
Have it good, never really was broke
Till he got locked up [?]
Grew a [?] had to learn them all

[C 1]
So that hustle grind in my bloodline
Like the north star I will forever shine
I'm on a different level, b*t*h you wait up
Hands up, if you feeling free let them stay up

[Build 1]
All you haters come together like a symphony
You don't wanna [?] a news as a tragedy
I'm in my own [?]
On my worst days
You can never get rid of me

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