The Streets
4 Letter Word
Just another day on the train, on my way to Sconnect**y
This light skin ecstasy, sat right next to me
Tight jeans, heels, clean grill, the right recipe
Sparked a conversation, cuz she's the one impressing me
Shorty got a man, but that's not stressing me
Darling named Mya, I think she want the 'best of me'
Guess we can skip the messy, you can check me
Pick a date, we can skate, reservate the best seats
Truth to game, I'm on the train, but I got a jet seat
And I don't like the Lex seats, but if you interest me
In the blink of an eye, we can fly in the S.C
Penthouse, great suites, dinner winter, break feast
Don't even get out of bed, yawning, morning, you get fed
I let you breathe with the pres, but only if you give me head
Say you like my game, saying I like your frame
I'm your destiny, child, did I say my name?
Juice, the ice pirate, usually night riding
Kits and all that, got a man, I fix all that
I was Chris before rap, I'm never gon' fall back
Gave her my pager number, yo trust me, I call back

[Chorus 2X: Buddha Monk, Allah Real]
I thought love was a four letter word
Something I needed of her
Let's take this love to an ecstasy
Let's talk about the love between you and me

Now we taking trips to the mall and all
You in my home, answer my phone, asking chicks what they calling for
We been together for like three weeks, been through like fifty sheets
Back seats and luxury jeeps, and balcony suites
Got me heaven, like Macy Gray and that ain't 'Common'
Pardon, I spend half the day, fast, I don't be calling
But you please me, say you need me
I don't need you, but insurance, I'll say it if need be
We can flee the coastery, where none of our posters be
Are you feeling sainty, as long as you close to be
That's how it's suppose to be

Is that how it suppose to be...
Baby we can creep and do whatever, you know I'm done for a little
Freaking or whatever and I must admit
Let me whip the V, we go across seas and take trips
On the phone with all my friends telling 'em that I'm whipped
I know I got a man, but you got me weak and sh*t
And everytime I'm with him, think about you hitting my hips
It's only been three weeks, but to me, it's like forever
Dump your girl, it's me and you, nobody gon' do it better than me
I hold you down like Bonnie and Clyde
Through all your hard times, baby, I stay by your side
I be the one that you can call on them lonely nights
And cry with you when you down, as I hold you tight
The way I feel about you, boo, I never felt in my life
So I'm hoping that one day you gon' make me your wife...