The Streets
You’re All That I Need
Remember them lovely nights, you would hold me tight
Tongue me down, make love to my soul at night
Squeeze me tight, tell me that you need me, right
What happened to when you said I would be your wife
I put my all in you, baby, hard than chips
That keep you laced up state, working hard and sh*t
Money in your commisary, I was called a fool
On the strip, go to war, do it all for you
Nine months of hell, gave birth to your child
Put my career on hold, was it worth my while?
Always, did my best, to keep you with a smile
Daddy said you wasn't sh*t, wasn't feeling your style
I kept it real wit you, two years, enough drama
Hara**ed two years, by your other baby momma
And I still stay, by your side on hard days
Lived my life for you, baby, this the price I pay, come on

[Chorus 2X: Buddha Monk]
You're all that I need, I be there for you
For rich or poor, I be here for you
If it's beef in the streets, I'mma ride or die
Til death do us part, I be by your side

Yo, I think back to all them nights, that I gave you, my shoulder
Came out the shell, even got a little bolder
Told you how I felt, how you made my heart felt
With all the stress in ya life, held you up like a belt
Everytime you was hurt, I shed tears wit you
Even hid you in the crib, so the feds couldn't get you
Broke down when they shot you, loaded up my pistol
Ride or die, chick, they don't get this official
I would die for you, that's word to my son
Hold you down, when you broke and when you out on the run
Be the one, care for you, when ya times of need
All I ask for return is your loyalty
When I'm in the studio, I ain't in no catch face
I'm thinking bout you, getting home, can't wait
To see ya face again, everytime, like the first
I'm here for you baby, for better, for worse

[Chorus 2X]