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The Streets

"Fake Streets Hats"

("f*ckin' Johnny keeps leaving these massive gaps between the songs... It all plays dead like that. See? Silence. Between the songs.")

[Hook: Repeat 2x]
If you don't like what's going down
You need to change something 'round
And what you can't change
You've got to change the way you thought about

Two days before I finally snapped
From bumped a gig, I was being a twat
The bass player behind the (?)
Is Belgium, another bright screaming gang
Johnny Drum Machine keeps leaving trailing gaps
Putting face cream on between the breaks in tracks

I needed to stop this, draw the last of my ways
20 minutes to go the floor manager says
Been a long summer, sure spanned an age
I wanna dry my eyes and all the band on stage
("Alright I wanna see how proud you Belgians are!")
Dead silence, not very nice to feel so depressed and violent

("He's f*ckin' puttin' moisturizer on! He's f*ckin' moisturizin' his face..."
"I know... Ridiculous.")

[Hook: Repeat 2x]

("Some c*nt has printed up a load of f*cking sh*thole Streets hats...")

Oi, oi, Amsterdam the day before the crash
The Streets hats were made by Warner staff
Thought they were fakes, not thought to ask
So I tirade the audience found under the stage
But I'd only just woken
Ted Mayhem has never seen me so darn broken

The very next day in bed in London
With a girl I have little memory of
Unable to feel anything much which was the reason I bought my first suit
I wasn't thinking at that bit on stage
The fake streets hats were actually not fake!

[Hook: Repeat 4x]

("Who's that c*nt? Tell him to f*ck off, man."
"The Streets!"
"Oh yeah no go go go yeah... mate, sometimes, you know, it is made so hard...")

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