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The Streets

"We Can Never Be Friends"

Saying I love you forever, won't hold us together
A dove and a feather won't better our love
Or recover us ever
But I don't know if I missed you
Or if I'm blowing this tissue, because I only miss you
Rather than no I'd not risk you
That's not a frown I like, how is it now you decide
I'll go to town if I like, be round about five
Your future lies in you seeing new guys
You'll feel new eyes on you
You'll need to lie about this
And me you like wise too

We can never be friends
One wants to stay together
One wants it to end
We can never be friends
We can make it easy

Mistake a little, wait for an ache
Mistake loneliness to mean only us
An addiction to a fix of praise
Rely on me to say it's OK
There is only room for one in this sun
There was only one of me and you once
And you want to want another few loves
In the night let it fly to the light
All the bits you miss from your ex
Commitment, kissing and sex
Are what you'll insist from the next
Are what you'll insist from the next

But is it who dares wins, or only who knows goes
Frank Bruno's nose has seen too many blows
If you're bitter then it's better to pretend not bicker
It's butters when it festers it f*cks all the fun
This is us fizzling
But with added little pangs
We reached the end, you'll never see me again

[Hook: Repeat x3]

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