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The Streets

"He's Behind You, He's Got Swine Flu"

He's behind you
He's got swine flu
Make a sacrifice for societies sake
(no) decapitate your mate!

You started sneezing
I could see that you were freezing
In the heat of this really, unbelievable evening
The streets were all empty but for overturned cars
Bellowing smoke from the sparse roads clothed with scars
The brain dead in face masks wandered, Im stretched
Sizzling bacon from beyond the farfetched
Ive never hurt my friend till the very burning end
Is what flirtingly I said to my best friends head

Verse 2:
The story then was told
It got gory it unfolded
Broadcasters blasting out stories of the poorly
I dont advocate anarchy in any way
But i saw him scratch a rash
And i had to grab an axe
Weve all known each other since the groans of our mothers
And throwing with our brothers little stones in the river
The fact that my man might not actually expire
Caused me some ire while i hauled him on the fire

Theres something that I need to share with you all
I can't go on lying Im developing sores
Im turning Im burning up Im turning back bro
Ill hold them up while u turn and run

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