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The Streets

"At the Back of the Line"

Look, i dont watch what they do, i make moves with no time to take two, no crazy radio won't play you and no recognition means they dont pay you, so i suppose i gotta make room, create my own name
And get played soon, stay true, and if i dont break through,ill still be on the beats like mikes own label,yeah iv been around for time, iv put work in, nobody can doubt my grindings worth it
Am about to shine, cos my lifes getting high im certain cos im down to fight for whats mine like pray like a thousand times, i sat to the fact im nice is the amount of run, and still a pound of rhymes
Allow the hype from my finger trap,when you hear this what you bet ill do it til my lungs collapse, and my body will understand. im done hustling for crumbs and scraps,mine brought up in the back like hands in the air
Like a thunderclap before i start lifting man off their feet like a jumping jack,and thats that til the funds are stacked till im sat chilling back in a comfy flat somewhere my son can just relax
I won't stop til liv got enough for that,this is my takeover, give me n inch i might take over, go ask tinchy stryder for half of the names and the game stay over

They got me standing at the back of the line, waiting for my moment to shine, trying to stop me from breaking thru, but im making moves, dont ask me why

Your on your way in im on my way out, ill do a run over the gate and shout, this is the very end of me rapping i spent the last ten milly very happy, but im too old now to be truthful , i peaked in 2002
So i guess i can still speak truth, theres no room for my rueful horsesh*t, im forcing myself to quit, my advice to you is do,et brown rice and try and be tru, off the line all the lifes a mice, play not the short game sit it for long and like sinatra said to bennet just never sing a sh*tty song

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