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The Streets

"Streets Score"

Oi, oi, oi
Sometimes I look down, sometimes I look up
Sometimes I look down, sometimes I look up
Oi, that's it

Oi, oi
I'm a fake
I don’t live The Streets
But there’s only so many hours in a day and I use them to make beats
In the studio immersed in
My technique
I live loops, sleep snares and breathe beats
Then sieve through
Keep the best there
And only leave to eat
Shut the door
Pen and re-record the vocals just once more
And now you know why these walls are the only walls I ever saw
Call me the Quick Draw McGraw Show, but on Logic Audio

Kind of like a street score
Though, not the genuine article
More facts packed in a soundtrack to the acting
In a film and I'm the lead
Believe me in a tragedy scene a tear ran down my cheeks
So cue the fairytale finale
Listen to the dialogue
But not too deep
Soak up the feeling
But don't quote me please

Don't worry about continuity
The person we hired to do that was relieved of their duties
Also, in the first scene my jeans are green
But then they change mysteriously to cream
Again bad continuity
But I still mean what I mean
I wear Nike a lot
My hoodie's a tight Schott
But does my life sound as interesting as a fight in a chip shop?
I think not
The hype's not to be believed
I ain't the archetypal street geez
But I am right on being a beat junkie

I gave up the fight for an easy life a long time ago
When the last bird dumped me
Buy me, get one studio free
I use words for effect to illustrate passion
Themes ring fact and specifics are usually fiction
Oi, oi
I probably couldn't tell you half of what
"Has It Come To This" means
I was simply setting a scene
Of concrete
Not sky and green trees

I still hold the same hundred feet high dreams
But a lot of things scare me, though
I think I read somewhere recently that fear is a useless feeling because
I can't run to where I'm heading without running from where I was
It's all because

Where I'm from is not the issue
This is my imagination
I don’t sing the blues or feel fever
Which by definition ain't spoken truth either
It floats around places I've never even been to
So don't lean toward the door, at four
Just as the dance floor gets raw
Some of the things this tour makes out I'd done been or did
Wasn't me, I weren't the one
I'd only seen it
I was always too zoned-out on drum machine sh*t
To worry about the day to day out in the dosh pit

Oi, oi
Flip the 12"
This is the original mix
Maybe my sarcastic Brit twist on ting will be my downfall
Suddenly I'm defined by my lyrical
So I apologise for being so self-obsessed on this tune
Let’s get back to the story soon as
The Streets
The score
Tell me what you think it is
Cause I don't know anymore...

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