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The Streets


[Verse 1: Fatz]
If it's on, then it's on
n*ggas getting shot from the sun set
I'm with my G's when I go and make a one step
Cos man's gully like Mavado on the river banks
So you n*ggas better run when I make it bang
Fully on crud, no half-stepping
And I got my own ting, not my darg's weapon
And n*ggas know if I ain't got the chrome
I be stabbing n*ggas up 'til I see the bone
Fam, we had everything c*cked back
Violate my bro, had to show him that's its not that
So when I touch base, something's getting cooked
I walk through n*gga's ends and they don't even look
Rob n*ggas, leave them there blindfolded
And man be trapping OT with, like, 5 phones
And differently, all I gotta do is wink
And my young bucks are shooting out your tints

[Verse 2: J Styles]
Yo, you taking molly, sipping lean
You n*ggas lost parde
Smoking on bobs, that ain't Bob Marley
It's a lot parde
I'm bout gwop, gwop, gwop, dargie
TT selling, remix on rock Charlie
Granny's prayers always blessed me
And n*ggas sending shots, but couldn't get me
Now I'm rolling with a Pepsi
Getting bursted, my heads hot and it teks me
And even if the odds ain't with me, I woulda bet me
Spin it round cah we bad
Always got a bit of weight on me like flab
Couple Z's in the ride, turn a Z into nine
And like Nines I always keep pebs by my side(Angels)
A little punchline for the hood
A-Okay for Keyz, the cunch line's doing good
I go hard and put my life on it
Me, Papi Keyz
Couldn't put a price on it

[Verse 3: Streetz]

Search who? Suck yuh mudda, bad man nuh tek feel up
Feds lost the kid, they couldn't keep up
Dolce when me step, pus*y 'ole
I could beef with my feet up
On hand pon mi waist as I beat it, teapot
In the ends, depart from friends when I reload
I can see it in his eyes, he lies, he's a weako
There ain't no sympathy, the referee be sending corn back
Mums old skool yardie, she seh yuh wan trap den gwarn trap
I'm on leave, so I can't lack
Feds on the kid, I'm paro, think the car's tapped
I'ma bomber, when I jack it in a trench, that's a large mac
What do you expect? Mummy's in debt, I'm bringing marge back
We all fam and squad, but it's Royal Rumble
Paid in full you n*ggas served watch alpo crumble
Girls say they got no patience for a trapper
Oh please, for the p I'll leave the bae like japer

[Verse 5: Toxic]

Trap yard looking like a forest better holla man
I was 16 moving packs out to Hollowman
sh*t ain't changed, I'm out here, I don't relocate
Loyalty; I don't feed no snakes
I hit a belly with a 4, man 8
My bruddas know i love em, man, your beef is my beef same way
Look, I'm still breaking them packs down
Rely upon myself, I ain't looking for handout
I'm 5 bricks deep, 30 racks for a mad round
Tryna rob me, you're gonna hear how that nine sounds
5 figure n*gga, mum's life I used to smile over 9 pound Hopping out Audi, n*ggas better know my style
My whip's foreign, sticks foreign, my bricks Holland
These n*ggas hating on us cause we been popping
Times flying, all my n*ggas caught in the trap
It's kinda hard to do this music when your juggling packs

[Outro: Nines]
Ice City going platinum baby
Shouts to my n*gga big keyz
Free the f*cking team
One Foot Out coming real soon

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