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The Streets

"@LabTvEnt - Streetz - Story Sessions - EP. 2"


Yo, Streetz
Muzzleflash, you know how we do
Big up the whole squad
Big up Juke, Clicks, Ramma, all the supporters
Ya get me, it's our year, takeover
Lab TV, Story Sessions
Listen, big up Merki on cam, yo


I knew this kidda, he be huggin' the block
Picture this, he was a baller sellin' snow n the rock
Got stabbed a couple times n now he's known to the plod
First charge was armed burg, the second time was a crop
He watched the God fire the young, I guess he tried to be veto
Causin' heats in the streets like he's Robert De Niro
Didn't know about his sister n his fake mate Leo
Now his life's like Tony, n Gina and Chico

This kidda's up in court, judge chattin' 'bout a year or two
He turned in trackies, blacked out, he didn't need a suit
His mother's in the room sittin', cryin', she needs her youth
His father can't pay the bills, the man can barely pay for food
Nah, you can't call him a dad
The kidda used to shot green, he put the food in the bags
Gave his mother all kinds, he gave her all that he had
And now he's servin' 2 years and then 9 months tag

He's in a cellar box room, with a bed n a bog
Leo's chillin' in his bed, this motherf*cker's a dog
Got his younger sister whipped, like a horse with a jock
N now she's knocked up n Leo's moved off the block
First visit of his sis, the kidda knows that it's sussy
She tells him 'bout Leo, now he's sayin' "don't push me"
Tells him Leo got her preggo, then he ran like a pus*y
Now this kidda's makin' calls, he wants some sweets n a pumpy

9 months go by, his lil sis gave birth
She had a boy at 8 pounds, but his sis still hurts
She needs a dad for her baby boy, her life's unfair
Baby's cryin' every night, his sister's lost her nerves
She starts thinkin' 'bout life, grabs a chair n a rope
Tries to hang herself, but that thick line broke
She's now runnin' to the kitchen, screamin' she can't cope
Grabs a blade out the draw then she slits her throat

Her mother's runnin' downstairs, she finds her on the floor
Blood p*ssin' our her neck, like a scene off Saw
The mother panics grabs a towel, then she hears the door
It's her son, the kidda's home, now prepare for war
They ring 999, they both think she's gone
The ambulance arrives, n they say "she's gone"
That's his sis, he can't believe his little sister's gone
He goes inside to find clues to where this Leo has gone

He finds a number sayin' Leo, he rings it up
Leo answers, now he's flippin' sayin' "watch ya c*nt!"
Leo's laughin' down the phone n says "ya sis weren't fun"
Now this is more than hub beef, this is beef with guns
So the kidda hangs up, he phones his mate for the pump
The lad's outta shottys, all he's got is a snub
The kidda says, "yeah sweet, it'll get the job done"
Now he's blacked out, bally on n ready to hunt

He sees a kid he used to roll with, tells him 'bout Leo
The kidda says "yeah man, the little grass is at PO's"
So he rolls around the block, in his blacked out Clio
Sees the ken, sees the window, then he notices Leo
Oh sh*t! This is real, he's now loadin' the snub
Bally on, his hoods up, then he fetches his gloves
Sees Leo walk out for a spliff, here he comes
Time to pop the f*ckin' nit, through his chest to his lungs

So the kidda steps out, he aims his snub like a thug
Leo's stood, froze stiff n shouts "what have I done?!"
The kidda pulls off his bally, shouts "you pus*y ya done!
You made me sis kill herself so you can pay me with blood!"
5 shots get banged, 4 miss the target
1 got him in his chest, through his plate, now his heart is
Racin', goin' mad, adrenaline pumpin' fast
He sees blood on his hands so puts his foot on the gas
It's done
He's killed the kid
Now it's 'bout to get mad
He sees plod, sees lights
But I won't tell ya 'bout that 'til part 2


Get me?
Big up everyone supportin'
Know what I mean
Takeover, Muzzleflash
Bang bang, get me

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