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The Streets

"Money on Deck"

I got hustle
Shots Lift ya Chest Cavities wit no muscle
Pitbull, Rockwilderd no muzzle
b*tches don't drink my kids they guzzle
Gem star, A-R turn ya Puzzle
Arm over their, Leg over their
n*gga be ware
Ima beast on the loose, I need a stray jacket
I'm insane in da coupe, I switch lanes poof
No where to be found, you know I gets down
These other n*ggas frontin they ain't runnin the town
Outside of the Milly you's a nobody
Jump stupid and you get bodied, that's for anybody
Duck down when the hammer spit
Black fur got a n*gga feelin panda-ish
Pose for the cam-e-ras, ima star
You lookin for the best n*gga yea we are (ha ha)

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
Money On Deck (Check), Money On Deck (Check)
Money On Deck (Check), Money On Deck
I need all dat guap, All dat Money
If you ain't bout paper you can fall back dummy
I got

[Young Deuces]
Heart of a lion, buily like an ape, face of a refugee
They put me in da game, winded, wit no referee
And since a lot of n*ggas stressin me
I'ma fight till I'm gone, ima give em all what's left of me
I rep da Brew, n*gga city I love
I stay bent, blowin sticky what you expect ima thug
I came straight from the crack of the slumz
When you talk about the greatest out the milly n*gga I am the one, one
You see the pain in m eyes from past crisis
I don't wana talk or cry so I writes it
Young boy, hustle, survive in five vices
A rebel wit a cause, I'm twisted so I fights it
I like it, Mikey, who he might be
Killain da booth where da mic be
You need geikee, geico, psycho
Deuces be dat n*gga on point like a rifle


[Bridge: repeat 2X]
We gettin Money over here and sh*t over dere
E'ry body put cha f*ckin hands in dere
We got (Money on Deck) got (Money On Deck)
Got (Money On Deck) Got (Money On Deck)

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