The Streets
Dat Guy
- Streetz - thought it was over.....hahahah
[Franchize on The Beat]

I'm dat guy, I'm dat dude
Shawty on me, know how to move
Break it on down, M.G.B
I'm all about dough, its all I see
Shawty whoa now, order more rounds
Bottles on deck, you can say I'm on now (I'm on)
Look at dude hatin, yea he mad
Wish I fll off, too damn bad
Now I'm at da bar, now I'm in da club
Shawty in my ear said she tryna get rubbed
She tryna get cut, call me blade
No I ain't rich, but call me paid
Don't try me, I brought the goons out
Say somethin slick we'll go in yo mouth
Everything Ugghh, hat to da jeans
I don't play soccer but my kickgame mean

- Hook -
I'm dat dude, I'm dat guy
Shoes $350, I'm dat fly
Now watch me turn my swag up
(Hey) Gone head
Turn My Swag Up
(Hey) Gone Head
I'm Dat Dude, I'm Dat Guy
Shoes $350, I'm Dat Fly
Now watch me turn my swag up
(Hey) Gone Head
Turn My Swag up
(Hey) Gone head

- Young Deuces -
You can see how it is when I roll thru G
See all da pretty ladies wanna know bout me
They call me Deuce McFly cause I'm fly den a b*t*h
Treat my watch like a square dance flick it den I swich
Got some stacks in my pocket shawty what ya wanna do
See I'm tryna make it rain, throw some money on you
But it gotta bust it open like da New Orleans levy
Forget all da talkin shawty hop up in da chevy
Yea you know I'm heavy, I'm from the Midwest
Way sicker den da rest, yea you know da kid blessed
I walk up in da club and I'm feelin like a boss
Straight to the V.I.P. I don't care about da cost
Its me & my team, yea we stay ballin
My squad off da hook, but the money keep callin (hello)
These dudes gone hat, I bet I know why
My nickname is Delta, because I'm so fly

- Chorus -

- Bridge -
Swag it out, Swag it Out, Swag it Out (yea)
Swag it out, Swag it